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  1. Hey everyone! I'm trying to make /ely command like Minehut has. I'm wondering if there's a way to set a player's chestplate armor slot to an activated elytra instead of the player having to press space when they do the command. If anyone knows, please reply!
  2. Ok thanks for letting me know
  3. _iz_

    Deleting a club

  4. _iz_

    server broke HELP

    I have a few questions; 1. Do you have a server plan (daily or monthly)? 2. Do you have Skript? 3. If 2 is yes, do you have SkQuery? 4. Can you attach a Hastebin link with your latest log? (Go to "Server Files/logs/latest.log" and copy and paste the log into hastebin.com then click save and paste your link in this thread)
  5. _iz_

    Deleting a club

    Hey everyone! I've been trying to delete a club I had for a server that is long gone, but I can't find a way to do it... Do I have to make a request for a mod to delete it or is there a way to delete it myself?
  6. Hey everyone! I remember a while back when there was a Jr.Mod Q&A event on a player server. I remember that your rank would automatically update to what it was on minehut, and was told that it was made with Skript... Is there a specific log message I should look for when using skript-logs or is there an easier way to do this? Thanks, iz
  7. _iz_

    variable hp

    The expression for health is %player's health%. Not sure what you're trying to do here... Could you maybe explain better?
  8. I'm gonna one-up Nichxlxs XD every 30 seconds in world "world": if {randomItems} is not set: add 1 of (random item out of all items) to inventory of all players command /toggle: permission: op permission message: &4Insufficient permission trigger: if {randomItems} is not set: message "&7Random items &cdisabled" set {randomItems} to false else: message "&7Random items &aenabled" delete {randomItems}
  9. You need MorkazSK... Do you want to do this with HolographicDisplays or skript-holo? Pros and cons below. HolographicDisplays: Pro: Does not delete after restart Con: Floods console when you reload them Skript-holo: Pro: Does not flood console Con: Deletes after restart if not done properly Con: Higher chance of holograms being deleted by mistake
  10. I just want to let everyone to know that I am a fan of @Vinixs but Vinixs is a bigger fan of me.

  11. Hey, it's me again. I've seen 3 slots for featured servers in the server selector, and I have some ideas to go with it. It would be pretty cool if you integrated a voting system into the PlayerServer plugin so that server owners would have a way to reward people for voting for their server (kind of like Minehut does with voting for credits). At the end of they day (or whatever), the top 3 most voted servers would be put into the featured server slots! Thanks
  12. Hey! I have a club for my servers, and I think most people can agree with me that only having three roles is a bit annoying as members may not know what rank a staff member has in-game. I just think it would be pretty cool if there was a way to make custom display names for these roles and/or add custom roles. Thanks.
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