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  1. How is this still a thing.
  2. You cannot add mods to your Minehut server although you can add plugins within the dashboard.
  3. @EmptyRooms_ has won! Contact me on discord SkripterMan#0001 @
  4. They have not yet responded so I will be spinning the wheel again!
  5. Hello there, You can get a permission plugin. I would recommend getting luck perms.
  6. @Syntxdhas won! Add me on discord with SkripterMan#0001 to claim your prize!
  7. Very interesting, also very impressed as I could never make an Anticheat. They make my brain hurt.
  8. Yeah I think it's fine. Cake streams all the time with his face showing. I'm sure he won't have a problem with it.
  9. Just did some test rounds to make sure the wheel works and Dreamsssss, TheTrashPro, and Blayde_ won the test round. Anyways, good luck!
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