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  1. This is a known issue for Minehut although you can still see your latest log.
  2. SkripterMan

    My World

    You can do "/dl world (name of the world, most likely named world)" You can also just do /whitelist on so no one else can join and it makes it so it's your own world.
  3. SkripterMan

    Who can help

    First, head over to the Minehut Website (CLICK ME). Click LOGIN at the top left. Click Sign Up, enter in the requested details, and click Sign Up. You'll be sent an email verification, accept that, then revisit the page. Once you have made your account, you will need to make your server. You'll want to click on the button that says something like Create server. Now enter a server name. Once you have done all the steps you can click ACTIVATE once your server is activated, go to lobby and type /join (server name)." to player
  4. Try going to the "Dangerzone" tap then press repair files.
  5. Try going into your panel and pressing "Force hibernate". Then start it back up and it should be fixed. Sometimes their capacity nodes die.
  6. You must go into your dashboard by clicking HERE Then you must find your server and click "EDIT SERVER" Then, once you are in your server panel click on the "Settings" tab. Once you are in the setting tab there should be a section about turning on command blocks.
  7. I would suggest talking about that in the meta discord. https://discord.com/invite/MvDd24X
  8. This would cause them to lose a lot of money, it's a pretty good service for what it is. I mean you get free advertisement to thousands of players each day.
  9. Are command blocks disabled? If they aren't I would recommend disabling them as they could have a command block constantly banning you.
  10. First of all, you cannot delete your server. The only thing you can do to "delete" your server is to reset it in the danger zone tab. Second of all, I am pretty sure Minehut does not accept refunds but you can contact support HERE.
  11. If you want to stop this from happening do /whitelist on and make your server invisible on the server list via dashboard Please don't reply to posts made over a month ago as it is against the rule and called necro-posting
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