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  1. Colton, the owner of "BotTracc", already posted a report. His reports get accepted as he has the the proof necessary. I don't have any proof although it's very obvious and Coltons bot tracc picked it up also. Edit: His report has not been reviewed yet.
  2. We made it so far, and with a lot of hard work and suffering, TODAY is the day of destruction.
  3. Super flat world: Creative mode:
  4. Does that make you a certified nerd now?
  5. Hey there, Minehut does not offer subusers so you would have to give them your email and password to your Minehut account. This is not recommended.
  6. Recently CareSMP's console was jacked. I reset the password and relogged. Knowning Minehut I did this 4 times to ensure my token would reset. It didn't. I trusted the admin anyways so I thought after a demotion they would understand and leave CareSMP but someone got to him and convinced him to mess with my Minehut account. They bought ranks for themselves with my credits and reset CareSMP. If Minehut just had reset the token none of this damage would have taken place. I did get my credits back and they were punished although the damage to CareSMP could not be reversed. Minehut should also make so you have to enter your password to reset or make a purchase. Subusers would have also fixed this issue although none of these these were in place therefore a server was reset. Edit: The Admin had access to console before being demoted. They didn't "hack" into it.
  7. Would be great if they could solve their security issues too
  8. Hey there, First of all go into your dashboard -> settings and make sure spawn protection is set to 0. Furthermore, if you have any claim plugins such as world guard you would have to remove the region or delete it as a whole.
  9. You also use multiple alts to auto advertise
  10. Hey there! After doing some searching I found spider jockeys and anvils falling on dripstone cause crashes? I am not sure what the fix is although this could be what caused it. With this information maybe someone else could find a fix. "During an EntityDamageEvent with damage from blocks, damaging any entity throws an error"
  11. It is all going to be spread out, I'm sure it wont be too long (More than a month or two) until most of it is released all though you never know.
  12. Hey there, After looking into the plugin it says you need the plugin "vault" and an economy plugin. I would assume it could use essentials.
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