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Found 99 results

  1. I tried to download a copy of my flat world with the name of what I named it in the server properties. The output always came back with "World does not exist". So I used the command worlds to see if it was named anything else. At that point I noticed there was a world called "world" and when I clicked on it, It tp-ed me to some other map. And whenever I click on my original map (the map I tried to download) it says "that world does not exist". Please help?
  2. I would like a resourcepack tester, since resourcepacks dosen't work sometimes, and i save alot of time if i didnt have to restart the server wich takes arond 5 minutes, if Minehut could add a resourcepack tester to check if its okay, and mabye detect wich files are preventing the resourcepack to work. Thank you.
  3. SO, I own a server called TownsRP3 and recently i installed Kiteboard because i saw the video on it. I thought it was good. When i try to add Server_Online and reload kiteboard. I get kicked. When i rejoin kiteboard doesnt work but i dont get kicked. Then when my friend joins we both get kicked. I thought this was a bit wired and when i remove Server_online it works fine. I feel like this is a major glitch and i know its with kiteboard because the scoreboard doesn't work when i get kicked
  4. I try to start up the server, and it takes 5 minutes and.. Gone into hibernation?? Can anyone help please?
  5. When I try to start up my server from hibernation, it goes to "downloading" and then "starting" over and over and wont ever go online. Sometimes it says "unzipping" and some other one, but I can't figure out when it does and only ever does it once. When I try to stop it, it goes to "stopping" after some time, and then goes back to the downloading/starting loop, adding stopping to the mix, until it does eventually go to offline. I think it might have to do with plugins I got, that I got them in the wrong order/was messing around too much and it got stuck, or something like that. I was trying to give my friends permission to use world edit (which should have happened when I op'd them) so I got luckperms with some other plugins that someone on another forum post somewhere else said I needed for it, plus the GUI plugin, and since then it wouldn't work, I tried removing them in the middle of the loop and that might have done something idk. I have checked multiple times for the server limit and it was never reached when I tried this, over a few hours today and yesterday, and even after resetting my computer nothing has happened, I've tried repairing files, nothing happened, force reset, nothing happened better than the regular reset, and I really don't want to completely wipe it unless the file repair already got rid of my world, and there is some way for you to confirm this. here's a video of what happens when I try to start it (there's no audio) In my server list in the menu in game, it says the server is online. Whenever I try to join, it sends me to the lobby and says "Could not connect to target server, you have been moved to fallback server" in chat. When I try to do /join (server name) it says something around the same as what I just said plus a bunch of words with periods in between them. The file manager is empty other than a folder that says Plugins with the names of the plugins I had (that I added again and currently have active) ending in .jar, but before there was another file next to the Plugin folder that said something, I forgot, and another folder inside the plugin folder that had something to do with bukkit that was empty.
  6. For about 6 hours now my server has been stuck in the hibernation stage. I try to start it but once that 30 sec countdown ends and the "Go To Panel" button appears, My server just goes back to hibernation. I can't access my plugins, files, or danger zone. Anyone having the same issue? *also I have another server on my dashboard and that one works fine but my other server (the one I actually use) is stuck in this loop.
  7. How do i make it so people can only join if they have the IP, i want to just play with my friend and not have random people to join i already tried to unlist it but it didnt work
  8. When i start up my minehut server it wont show '' starting '' or '' offline '' or '' stopping '' and when i press to go to the panel it puts me in hibernation again
  9. I really struggled with placing a loot table in my server, but now I placed it (I thing) in the right folder, I can't load it. It's a prefilled chest, but no items appear when I spawn a chest with (I think) the right pathway to the file. I stored the file in world/datapacks/mctools/chests/loot_table.json, but when I try to load it in my server (command I use:/setblock ~ ~1 ~ minecraft:chest{BlockEntityTag:{LootTable:"mctools/chests/loot_table"}} ), a chest spawn above the commandblock, without anything inside. Someone please help me
  10. So im trying to upload a custom texture pack to my server, and its not working, its a zip i use dropbox dl=1 no duplicate files in the folder and ive tried file.io and its still not working it loads ingame but dosen't seem to work, keep in mind i have tried to fix this for 4 days, please help me.
  11. I want to download the server world. Is there a way I can do that?
  12. I never locked the gamemode to my server, but it is locked on easy and want to change it to normal is there anyway of doing this? btw commands just simply dont work
  13. I was trying to download my world: ul_OBLVION , but it still says ' Failed to upload file' after waiting for 5min of ' creating download link. I am surevthat I have used the right command and I have the op permission. Also, it is working few days ago
  14. Hello I was wondering if their is a way to install a /balance plugin that connect to the Jobs Reborn plugin.. any ideas?
  15. We didnt know we had to save it we spent so much time on it is there anyway we can get it bacK?
  16. Last night me and my friend disconnected, we have woken up this morning to see it's spawned us without our armour or items. The worse thing is we've lost our house since we're in a completely different place too! Does anyone know how to fix this?
  17. Just wondering why my server keeps shutting down every couple of minutes and if there is a way to fix it, ive gone through logs and tried everything to fix it but i cant do anything to fix it
  18. I've gotten banned for an innapropriate name and i've changed it. I forgot what the date was... How can i find it out?
  19. So recently I have been trying to start up my minehut server, however, when I try to it keeps saying "offline" please help as I want to play on my server
  20. I want to know where to vote for this server
  21. I can't download my world I tried to do the /download world, and even with my world names, but each time I click the link and it transfers me to the download site it says "Not Found". help plz
  22. why does it not support bedrock?? i ve just spent 3 hours trying to figure out why my game is still saying locating server ,, please help
  23. Sorry my english is terrible. I have a problem with downloading a singleplayer world. i followed all the instructions but after the uploads an error occure. I tried using file.io but it doesnt work. So i Tried with mediafire, i copied the link but after i put it after the command /ul world <Name> on the chat appeared "Invalid files" i also tried put ?dl=0 and ?dl=1 after the link but it doesnt work. please help me
  24. Hi. I'm having trouble getting rid of the <> in the chat on my server. How do you remove it? Thanks ~ KEKS
  25. 1.I want to get rid of all essential plugin ability's other than the teleport commands, I also have the essential spawn plugin and want to be able to tp to spawn. Also how do I give the essential plugins command to non op? 2. I have the multiverse plugin and want it to go from my survival world to my creative world, I already have the inventory per world plugin so you cant cheat stuff into survival, but idk how to make one world stay survival and one world stay creative, please help. (when responding can you put the number question you are responding to?)
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