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  1. Hey there! Sorry to see that this happened although Minehut doesn't punish players for actions that occurred on player servers. If you wish to remove them from your server you can ban them by typing '/ban (username)'. If something like this occurs on a public Minehut platform you can report them here -> https://minehut.com/support/form Please keep in mind Minehut does not accept screenshots or videos that have been cropped or tampered with.
  2. Bump, I feel like this could be a very large help for users on Minehut.
  3. I'm pretty sure they removed it due to chat flood. Imagine multiple users advertising the same server every few minutes... now imagine this happening for 30 different server. The chat began to become chaotic so they decided to make a rule against it.
  4. Hey there! Head over to your dashboard -> file manager. Once you are in your file manager search for plugins... Once you find plugins click on the following button which can be seen below: Now add the plugin of your choice and restart your server!
  5. Great thing is, this is only the beginning
  6. People need to give people access, it is essential for management and development. This is why it is essentials for Minehut to add subusers. Still questioning why it isn't included in Minehut unleashed.
  7. If it includes white-chat than it is most definitely against the rules. Now that I come to think of it, you are rewarding the player as they have a rank that stands out (reward) and you are giving them a chat color (reward).
  8. Hey there! The rule states that you aren't allowed to reward the player for advertising. If the rank has no benefits then I suppose it might be allowed although it still is technically rewarding the player. I think this is still violating the rule although a staff member might need to correct me. I so too have a question about this rule. Is paying people to advertise against the rules? As the rule states 'not allowed to reward players' this means you are allowed to reward people who aren't players of your server. I believe this is smart because it allows people to still be paid to advertise well also eliminating spam in lobbies from ad rewards. Although once again a staff member might need to correct me.
  9. Hey there, You can advertise your server under https://forums.minehut.com/forum/10-server-advertisements/ You can find people to advertise your server under https://forums.minehut.com/forum/12-marketplace/ If you need help you can ask for it here https://forums.minehut.com/forum/11-help/ You are not allowed to advertise your server here, please don't make posts like this again
  10. Hey everyone! You may have noticed survival servers have the largest amount of lag. This is caused by chunk generation, many chunks loaded and high amount of entities. There are many other reasons your server could be lagging although these 3 reasons combined cause the most amount of lag on your server. First of all, read @Reassembly's post here to understand what causes these things and make sure you follow his tips first. Once you follow his tips, you can do more! The following tips are meant for survival servers. There are configuration files that you can find by going into your Minehut dashboard from there you can select the server and then click on 'File manager'. There are multiple "YML" files in here that you can edit. "YML" files are configuration files used to change how your server works. The three files that we are going to be focusing on are "paper.yml", "spigot.yml" and "bukkit.yml". When editing, locate the option that you are trying to edit and change the value (True or false / Integer) to the value that is stated. We are going to begin with the easiest one of all, bukkit.yml: monsters: 40 animals: 8 water-animals: 3 water-ambient: 2 ambient: 1 chunk-gc: period-in-ticks: 400 ticks-per: monster-spawns: 4 The next options are found in the "spigot.yml" configuration: entity-activation-range: water: 16 villagers: 32 flying-monsters: 32 villagers-work-immunity-after: 100 villagers-work-immunity-for: 20 villagers-active-for-panic: true animals: 16 monsters: 24 misc: 8 merge-radius: item: 4 exp: 6 nerf-spawner-mobs: true mob-spawn-range: 6 arrow-despawn-rate: 300 item-despawn-rate: 4000 tick-inactive-villagers: false Alrighty, now that we have finished the rather short ones we are going to begin working on the biggest YML file of all, "paper.yml": max-auto-save-chunks-per-tick: 8 optimize-explosions: true mob-spawner-tick-rate: 2 disable-chest-cat-detection: true container-update-tick-rate: 3 max-entity-collisions: 2 grass-spread-tick-rate: 4 non-player-arrow-despawn-rate: 180 creative-arrow-despawn-rate: 60 despawn-ranges: soft: 28 hard: 96 hopper: cooldown-when-full: true disable-move-event: true prevent-moving-into-unloaded-chunks: true use-faster-eigencraft-redstone: true armor-stands-tick: false per-player-mob-spawns: true # The following option is suggested to prevent xrayers but does not help with lag. anti-xray: enabled: true All of these options were found here -> https://shockbyte.com/billing/knowledgebase/21/Reducing-Lag Some of the options were edited to my liking, you can read up on each option. Now that I have show you all of the edited values, here are all the config downloads. Thank you Shockbyte for helping us reduce lag! If this helped you please leave a like EDIT: If you do not feel comfortable downloading these files you can view them in the following pastebins: PAPER: https://pastebin.com/Y5uxknt2 SPIGOT: https://pastebin.com/bSirAgkm BUKKIT: https://pastebin.com/1jJDCDDW paper (1).yml spigot (1).yml bukkit (1).yml
  11. All ranks were also given back sooo, it's basically CareSMP but "revamped"
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    What ever you say
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    That's not a good excuse lmao, you forgot that you can't spam in the span of 3 days? Not to mention spamming isn't allowed on any Minehut platform and most of Minecraft as a whole
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    Stop spam posting
  15. Below you can view their timeline, there are no ETA's on anything atm
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