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  1. Hey! I was wondering how to add a prefix to my Minecraft to discord skript. I want it to show the players minecraft perfix. I would like help to make it similar to SkyMiningF's discord to minecraft https://showbox.tools/.
  2. So I just started my server normally. But i spawned in a different location than the last time I left. I noticed that all of my builds that i built 10-20 hours ago were gone. And I also have proof that it wasn't a grief https://speedtest.vet/https://vidmate.bid/ . So yesterday my friend had my 6 iron blocks. He gave them back to me and i put them in my ender chest. So there is no way he could've taken them again. So my server went back in time somehow.
  3. Hello! I'm Soulja, and my Minecraft IGN is Most-wanted_Laser. You can call me Laser or Soo, either is fine. I've been playing on Minehut since October 2019, and I've had many good times with friend https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/. My favorite games on here are Skymining, Dupe, Gens, Farms, and games that are generally grindy. My weakness is PvP. Thanks for taking the time to read my Introduction, I'll see you around!
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