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  1. Some tips: get a anti cheat and a word blacklist skript
  2. As much as we would love different versions, Didn't Clarifity say that "Minehut is a bungee network. Changing one server's version would require the versions of all other servers to also be changed."
  3. That would be very helpful. +1
  4. I'm pretty sure that its just you lol.
  5. You cannot make your server ofline/cracked.
  6. Now that was epic. Seriously though, I agree with what is said. And from my experience that stuff is true
  7. Jac

    Upgrade Console

    Well, Don't give random people you don't know console.
  8. Jac

    Idler And Gens...

    Well, A few of us here know about the server called Idler. The main idea of idler is to buy generators which generate coins. And with the coins you can buy more generators and items from the shops... Recently a new server has poped up. A server called Gens. Gens is basically a complete copy of Idler. The same score boreds, same shops and enchants. And the same generators. What makes it worse is all the of staff on Gens are on the Idler discord server. I do not mean to offend anyone. I'm just letting you people know.
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