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  1. how do i get unbanned

  2. thedangs

    Bedrock bugs

    The bedrock compatibility is still in beta and we're aware there are a few bugs here and there. Most of the bugs we cannot deal with due to a plugin issue. The other bugs will be worked on in the near future.
  3. This is just a general post for idea generation. That section is for users to suggest events in their own time
  4. I will take a look at Town of Salem to see if it is appropriate. Tnt run sounds good, I'll see what I can do
  5. Hey guys! What future events would you like to see in the future? This could include both discord and minecraft hosted events. Please keep all suggestions appropriate and reasonable, we value all feedback
  6. Thread moved to marketplace
  7. Please use the correct categories on the forums Moved
  8. hi may I ask you a question


    1. thedangs


      Please message me though forum messages or discord

    2. Kendalp8642


      my discord is Creep 77#8516



  9. Next time please use the help section. Locked
  10. thedangs

    Voting Credits.

    Please do not necopost on the forums Locked
  11. @Ashley Is the best Ofc
  12. You're allowed to advertise your minehut server as long as there is no spam involved.
  13. Moved to Plugin Suggestions
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