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  1. Seems okay, the only issue is that it's Minehut not MineHut
  2. Btw I'm currently updating it to also show you examples of how to call it in JavaScript
  3. is that a plugin or are you asking if an api endpoint for the minehut lobby has been made?
  4. https://deltarays.herokuapp.com/minehut/apidocs/ for the updated minehut api docs. If you want to view server data using the api you can't use vixio on minehut as sending requests on minehut requires reqn (you can send some basic get requests with skquery but if you want to be able to use all methods (GET, POST, PUT, ...) you need to use a service that's out of minehut), you could code your own discord.js bot and host it somewhere and then use the node-fetch node package to send requests to the api
  5. I made updated api docs, here they are: https://deltarays.herokuapp.com/minehut/apidocs
  6. You need to upload each folder and each file one by one as of right now, a faster method is going to be implemented in the future
  7. In the minehut console there is no difference between omitting / and adding it, there is in other consoles
  8. Se hai l’errore su tutti i server allora dovresti contattare mojang e spiegare l’errore (magari hai uno spazio nel nome)
  9. Ciao, hai questo errore su tutti i server o solo su minehut? Comunque ti consiglio di chiedere aiuto in inglese dato che non tante persone quà conoscono l’italiano
  10. By the way @juuls09 it might be because someone on the server has done /stoplag, you should do /stoplag -c and then start the farms again
  11. Have you done /stoplag? If you have you need to do /stoplag -c and then restart the farms
  12. DeltaRays


    Refresh the server list, that should fix it
  13. I am going to make the client but it’s not going to work like that, it’s going to work differently
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