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  1. Epic! When’s part 2 coming out?
  2. when will we know about the admin fix

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    2. lolcheeseasdfh


      srry i meant where will this be posted

    3. lolcheeseasdfh


      and as well as that will there be any way to use mods or plugins for 1.16 to download the world? Me and my friends have spent lots of time on the world and we want to back it up and test some things out

    4. DeltaRays


      Until someone creates a world downloader mod for 1.16 the /dl method will be the only method you’ll be able to use. Regarding that, the admins are probably going to send a message about it in the discord server or in one of the official categories

  3. Apart from that, the admins are looking into possible ways to let you download worlds with no issues.
  4. Locked. Please do not reply to posts that have been inactive for more than one month.
  5. I haven't looked into it but you probably could just set the nbt to {}
  6. Oh, then you need to go to file manager => banned-ips.json and set everything in it to [], then save, restart the server, and your ip should be unbanned
  7. Hey, you can open the server's dashboard and go to 'server command' and in there type /ban 8arcc to ban him, then type /unban <name> to unban yourself (replace <name> with your username)
  8. They haven't changed the version number but it has been updated to one of the most updated skript versions (not a release though)
  9. Oh, my bad. Favorite color: blue
  10. DeltaRays

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    Apart from that, it's a funny meme lol
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