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  1. Don't worry friend, you're not alone. I love a good joke but I knew I was gonna get in trouble when I typed that in.
  2. *Quickly copy and pastes my old app* Don't mind me just playing some Minehut... GL to the new applicants.
  3. Minehut is not necessarily affiliated with Player Servers. They only suspend servers that have inappropriate Server Names and/or MOTDs, making servers that roleplay tragic events, etc. Can't list all of them since I've forgotten the last few.
  4. Ignore all the outbreaks and quarantines. It's time to celebrate the famous Irish holiday; St. Patty's Day. Make sure you wear green otherwise I'll "pinch" (punch) you in Minecraft, on a server. About me? I don't need to be pinched, since my skin consists of being green, Either way, happy St. Patty's! ~ForestHunters
  5. God this looks really good. SLG you are always making good ideas.
  6. We know that one saying of which came first, but now it's up to the Minehut Community to figure this out...
  7. Gl to all the new torture victims new volunteers for this amazing community.
  8. You cannot change the server version. You can download ProtocolSupport and let older versions play on your server though.
  9. I sense a lil copy cat aren't we...? Hmmmm... I don't know for certain..
  10. Back in the early days of Minehut Forums, I remember getting the first 100th post on this Forums. That's a great achievement I'll say. Just wanted to reminisce. ~ForestHunters
  11. I have already made one earlier and feel like updating my introduction to this network. So. G'day or g'evening, where ever you're from. My username is ForestHunters. And, I have been on this network for I believe 4 years. Of course I did not consecutively join the Minehut server day in and day out, cause of school an' stuff. Based on how I type is how I would talk IRL, but I don't reveal it too much on Discord VCs. I like to get to know everyone I meet since we share a common theme, playing Minecraft. How I got my username is came out of the blue from my head, since
  12. You're spot on. Especially for Jrs.
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