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  1. I'll find a way, some way, to get Raven off of my profile's banner. Mark my words

    1. _Tarna_
    2. Kailum


      Aha! Bye bye Raven banner

  2. Back in 2019 (or was it late 2018? I don't remember), I made a post for the purpose of being locked. The Minehut staff at the time refused to lock my post for months until finally, @R2nmade history being the one to lock my post. So Minehut staff, you've read the title. Requesting Lock
  3. YO SUP FORUMS been a hot minute.

  4. what has happened to this great person....

  5. Kailum

    VIP Giveaway

    Congrats @AwesomeGamer333 you won [VIP] Giveaway over, k thx bye
  6. Kailum

    VIP Giveaway

    Guess they wanted to enter on the last day.
  7. Welcome to Minehut!
  8. Kailum

    VIP Giveaway

    Hmm, no entrees? I don't want to spend my leftover credits on myself here.
  9. Kailum

    VIP Giveaway

    If you have VIP, you won't be entered cause it won't matter. If you have no Discord, then I cannot contact you due to my full message usage on the forums therefore you can't be entered either.
  10. My fellow default friends, I got a giveaway for VIP going. Feel free to enter!

    1. _omga



      Just saw your rep to post ratio o_o

    2. Kailum


      I could say I was very active on forums when I first joined Reports & Appeals in June 2019.

    3. CoolProgrammer
  11. Kailum

    VIP Giveaway

    Yo, I've got some credits so I'm gonna be doing a [VIP] giveaway. Last time I did a [VIP] giveaway was when I was Legend rank around three years ago, so I decided to do another one. Keep in mind, you of course gotta be a default to enter. [VIP] gets white chat, 7 minute cooldown for /ad, colours in /ad, flame & nether lobby particles, flight in the lobby, and glow in the lobby. To enter the giveaway, please respond to this post with the following: Minecraft IGN: Discord Tag: Why you want the rank: Giveaway ends at the end of Friday, best of luck to everyone entering.
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