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  1. You hit the big red reset-all button. how do I unban myself from my server?
  2. I first joined in 2014 but wasn't as active. I was most active when Minehut released player servers in 2015. This is gonna sound embarrassing for me but since I liked WWE at the time and my name was wwefan678, I called it wweserver.
  3. Kailum


    You were an amazing guy to work with during my time on the staff team. You were a very trustworthy guy and I had a lot of fun chatting with you in the Staff VCs. I wish the best.
  4. I resigned from the Minehut staff team today.

    1. DeltaRays


      👋 We will miss you.

      Good luck with everything you'll do in the future 😄

    2. TheRealKailumsSon
    3. MikeTheAngel


      Be free from the shackles, cadet. 🙏
      dorime fennec - YouTube

  5. My first join date was too old to be tracked but it was in 2014 originally but I was inactive at the time. I was more active when Minehut released Player Servers which were known as kingdoms at the time and while they were limited on features, it was still fun to use the little tools we had to make a fun server.
  6. thanks for moving it and not DEALING WITH THE PROBLEM

    1. Kailum


      If you read my second part of my reply, then you'd see I asked you something. Answer that for me, please and thank you.

    2. CrystalPvP_YT


      How am I going to have a screenshot of it after 3 days? Do you really think i would have it saved on my clipboard, and that proof is enough to get him banned. You should also be able to check message logs

    3. Kailum


      Was only asking at the time in case to make the process easier, no need to come at me rudely.

  7. Kailum more like Koolum


  8. Spider is very chill, his voice is soothing, so I get why he'd be thee most epic staff member
  9. k im back

    1. Vinixs


      welcome back Sir Kailum

  10. I think you missed someone... But I wouldn't add him either
  11. oml i just sent a entire paragraph to you then read this

  12. Kailum

    The Trent Awards!

    Oh, I finally won something in my life.
  13. Hey, I need your support


    1. Kailum


      Head over to Help. As I said, I'm absent from Minehut until further notice.

  14. I'm on leave finishing my culminating projects, I will be absent until further notice so please contact another Senior Moderator. 

  15. yo ik you got a job and all but i was wondering if u could unmute me?

     I got muted for 11 decades lol

    My username is:fiber456

    I got muted for 'Comp advertising' i didnt even do anything D: , thanks 

    1. Kailum


      Appeal in Player Appeals with the player appeal format included.

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