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  1. Were first to say no to locking my post on forumsgg and now you are the first to reply to this post, nice...
  2. Ah yes, alternative post of Lock this post. The memory of Lock this post will forever be with all of us. Question is, shall I lock this post? Nahh
  3. You read the title, this is the sequel to my old post about a year back but yeah rules are simple. DON'T REPLY TO THIS POST
  4. I mean I don't want to but.... you didn't lock my post a few months back soooo I might have to do it
  5. If you decide to report a user that is breaking our server rules, please consider the following below. Keep in mind that creating a false/joke report may result in banishment from accessing this club. Reporting a Player When reporting a user that is breaking the rules of Atrosity, please consider the use of uncropped/unedited screenshots and make sure your report is done by taking a screenshot directly from Minecraft than taking a picture from another device such as your phone. We want to make sure our evidence in our reports are as clear as can be. If you are reporting someone for an offense such as using a hacked client, then please make sure you record the incident with a screen recorder as screenshots will be marked as invalid and will not be accepted. Player's Name: Offense: Evidence: Additional Information: Click here to report a player!
  6. I'm dressed up as Minehut Senior Moderator Kailum
  7. Congrats and welcome to the Minehut staff team!
  8. Only reason it isn’t anymore is cause it was on the forumsgg forums.
  9. And the answer is... Kailum (Father of 'Lock this post')
  10. Don't misuse categories. Locked and Moved to Community Support
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