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  1. M I N E H U T C O M M U N I T Y F A Q HOW TO WHITELIST YOUR SERVER REQUIREMENTS: NONE DIFFICULTY: EASY Introduction to whitelisting your server: Have a server that’s not yet finished and people are joining and disturbing you? Here is your solution. Whitelisting your server makes it that only a certain list of users (including ops by default) can join your server while any other player who tries to connect to your server gets sent back to the lobby. This tutorial requires that you have OP permissions, so please make sure you have that before proceeding. How to enabl
  2. (I wanted to send it to you in private but it's not possible so I'm writing it to you here because it's the only way) Bro go die is literally a curse and he come to the server that I was in And he tell me you want a death wish I do not even know what it is only after he gave me a ban I asked a friend what is a death wish and then the server collapsed so i went back to the server After about a minute and he was not there also I did not have the opportunity to defend myself nor did I know what he wanted From me besides I cursed someone in the lobby and then I thought I got a 4 month ban on cursing and go die literally a curse(sorry for Bad English This is not my native language) I hope we can fix this 🙂


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  3. Best Jr Mod: Me Best Mod: Me Best Sr Mod: Me
  4. Lasagna doesn't involve bread at the top or bread at the bottom. I could consider a Hot Dog a sandwich, but not lasagna.
  5. The speed hacking occurred in /hub and the player admitted to it like my screenshot showed.

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      I edited the reply.

  6. Money, money, yeah yeah!

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      Question marks are forbidden from thou status mortal.



    3. Reassembly
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      Hey! What did I just tell you.



  7. You hit the big red reset-all button. how do I unban myself from my server?
  8. I first joined in 2014 but wasn't as active. I was most active when Minehut released player servers in 2015. This is gonna sound embarrassing for me but since I liked WWE at the time and my name was wwefan678, I called it wweserver.
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