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  1. Hello! I would very much like to join this team. I am a Skript Developer and know Skript pretty well. I tried DM'ing you, however we are not friends nor do we share a server. If you still need Skript Developers. Hit me up on discord SoloStrafe#0949
  2. SoloStrafe


    SharpSK is just a good skript addon https://forums.skunity.com/resources/sharpsk-1-8-1-12.72/
  3. you forgot to add a name, that could be a problem. command /updatesidebar: trigger: loop all players: wipe loop-player's sidebar set name of sidebar of loop-player to "Scoreboard Name" set score "%loop-player%" in sidebar of loop-player to 1
  4. Do you have world edit, because if you do, thats whats causing the issue. To fix this go inside the world edit config.yml and find the teleport place and it should say that the item is a compass, change the compass to something else
  5. What does the compass do currently?
  6. I don't know if you can, but you can check if they are in an exact block, every 1 tick: loop all players: if loop-player's location is "0, 0, 0": do something I am not sure if this works, I'm just guessing its going to be something along those lines
  7. The scoreboard code is wrong. on join: set name of sidebar of player to "&CNAME" #this will set the name of the scoreboard set score "&CTEXT" in sidebar of player to 0 #change 0 to whatever value to make the scoreboard appear in the right order
  8. options: moneylostperkill: 100 #change 100 to anything for the different amount of money per kill on death: if victim is a player: if attacker is a player: send "&cYou have lost &7${@moneylostperkill} &cfrom dying by %attacker%" remove {@moneylostperkill} from victim's balance Dependencies: Skript SkQuery
  9. hello kind sir

    1. 3Q6


      lets go killa pvp

    2. SoloStrafe


      KillaPVP is dead

    3. 3Q6


      why did you do this to me

  10. the problem with your code is that it has no player to go to. When your executing with console. There's no player. I suggest making a player argument to make it easier. If this doesn't work, I don't know then: command /shop <player>: trigger: make console execute command "/menu open %arg-1% MShop"
  11. Do you have multiverse? if so you can give the default rank the permission for multiverse world teleport and do this: on join: make player execute command "/mv tp <world>"
  12. Yes, we have only begun our start 2 weeks ago and made some good progress. The reason its so undescriptive is because we don't have much features currently and we will probably make more features.
  13. If you want, I can start the server and show you what I have so far.
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