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  1. Your very good at building!

  2. 3asel

    My apology post

    I vouch for TrollFarts, he is a great builder and a major part of the team. It's a shame to see him leave, as him and I work well together when working on build projects. I understand that some form of punishment should be given, but as this is his first offence and he regrets making the choices he made, a perm demotion seems kinda harsh. I do not know the full story of what happened but I would suggest to reconsider the punishment due to the impact that the build team has taken.
  3. I'll do a back of the head reveal
  4. This script wasn't intended to be something that could be helpful to others, but seems like it will help a lot of you new learners. The following example is how it works: # {_page} is the page number set {_end} to {_page} * 27 # {_end} is set to last slot in a 27 slot GUI set {_start} to {_end} - 27 # {_start} is set to the first slot loop {exampleList::*}: add 1 to {_pos} if {_pos} is between {_start} and {_end}: make next gui slot with loop-value What are the variables? {_page} is defined as the page number {_start} is defined as the first slot in the GUI (slot 0) {_end} is defined as the last slot in the GUI (slot 26) The script in action: command /gui [<integer>]: trigger: set {exampleList::*} to stone, grass block, granite, sand, paper, bone and chest set {_page} to 1 set {_end} to {_page} * 27 set {_start} to {_end} - 27 if arg-1 is set: if arg-1 > 0: set {_page} to arg-1 create a gui with virtual chest with 4 rows named "Example": loop {exampleList::*}: add 1 to {_pos} if {_pos} is between {_start} and {_end}: make next gui slot with loop-value make gui slot 27 with paper named "<< Back": set {_back} to {_page} - 1 if {_page} > 0: make player execute "/gui %{_back}%" make gui slot 35 with paper named "Next >>": set {_next} to {_page} + 1 make player execute "/gui %{_next}%" open last gui to player
  5. I've quickly made this script as I was 1. bored and 2. annoyed with the american date format. If you too are annoyed about the incorrect date format for your server, this function will help you out a lot. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/%E2%8C%A9-format-time-%E2%8C%AA.75149/ # FORMATS: DESCRIPTION: EXAMPLES: # # DAY: # dd/ day (number) 1 # ddo/ day (ordered) 1st # dm/ month (number) 1 # dmw/ month (word) January # dy/ year (2 digits) 20 # dyf/ year (4 digits) 2020 # # TIME: # th/ hour (12 hour) 12 # thh/ hour (24 hour) 24 # tm/ minute 60 # tme/ meridiem am # tmee/ meridiem AM # # EXAMPLES: # # ddo/ dmw/ dyf/ - thh/:tm/ 12th February 2020 - 20:25 # dd//dm//dyf/ - thh/:tm/ 12/2/2020 - 20:25 # ddo/ dmw/ dyf/ 12th February 2020 # th/:tm/ tmee/ 8:25 PM
  6. I've had my fair share of servers now, and I've come to a conclusion that most Minehut players are pigeons. The Pigeon Effect: When a player joins a server they either stay or leave, this is the beginning of the effect. Regardless if your server is fun or not, the player will only stay if for three reasons; they are friends with another player which is enjoying the server, the server is visually popular, or they are not a pigeon. If your server has few players online or non-responsive players, the just joined player will leave the server. When a pigeon finds a new place to settle, it will either stay if a friend is there, it's home, or leave and join the other pigeons. The pigeon effect.
  7. 3asel

    Server Status

    You dont need to quote the post
  8. 3asel

    Server Status

    its more for players not on the server, so you can view the info. Great for server owners that cant get on the server
  9. 3asel

    Server Status

    Having an option to search and view the status of a server. This could also show how many players are online and who they are. This could be added to the nav bar "Dashboard - Support - Server List - Forums", You could click on "Search..." to search server names, if a server exists with the name the following information is displayed regarding the searched server: Server Name Status Player Slots Players Online Unique Joins Online time Domain This information would be either live or contain a "Refresh Information" button.
  10. RIP skript, no more tooltip and messed up colour codes
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