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  1. Your very good at building!

  2. I vouch for TrollFarts, he is a great builder and a major part of the team. It's a shame to see him leave, as him and I work well together when working on build projects. I understand that some form of punishment should be given, but as this is his first offence and he regrets making the choices he made, a perm demotion seems kinda harsh. I do not know the full story of what happened but I would suggest to reconsider the punishment due to the impact that the build team has taken.
  3. I'll do a back of the head reveal
  4. This script wasn't intended to be something that could be helpful to others, but seems like it will help a lot of you new learners. The following example is how it works: # {_page} is the page number set {_end} to {_page} * 27 # {_end} is set to last slot in a 27 slot GUI set {_start} to {_end} - 27 # {_start} is set to the first slot loop {exampleList::*}: add 1 to {_pos} if {_pos} is between {_start} and {_end}: make next gui slot with loop-value What are the variables? {_page} is defined as the page number {_start} is defined as
  5. I've quickly made this script as I was 1. bored and 2. annoyed with the american date format. If you too are annoyed about the incorrect date format for your server, this function will help you out a lot. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/%E2%8C%A9-format-time-%E2%8C%AA.75149/ # FORMATS: DESCRIPTION: EXAMPLES: # # DAY: # dd/ day (number) 1 # ddo/ day (ordered) 1st # dm/ month (number) 1 # dmw/ month (word) January # dy/ year (2 digits) 20 # dyf/ year (4 digits) 2020 # # TIME: # th/ hou
  6. I've had my fair share of servers now, and I've come to a conclusion that most Minehut players are pigeons. The Pigeon Effect: When a player joins a server they either stay or leave, this is the beginning of the effect. Regardless if your server is fun or not, the player will only stay if for three reasons; they are friends with another player which is enjoying the server, the server is visually popular, or they are not a pigeon. If your server has few players online or non-responsive players, the just joined player will leave the server. When a pigeon finds a new place to settl
  7. RIP skript, no more tooltip and messed up colour codes
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