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  1. you got demoted? rip

    or did you resign?

    1. mekbturtle


      i checked with discord you resigned


  2. If you can't get your server out of hibernation, contact support @ minehut.com/support/form and fill out the form.
  3. All servers are currently on 1.15.2, not 1.16 (yet). Servers will (hopefully) be updated by next week when enough plugins are updated and a stable build of PaperSpigot is released.
  4. Stargazers

    1.16 terrain

    Servers are still on 1.15.2, not 1.16. We're waiting for plugin authors and Spigot to release stable builds before updating.
  5. Transfer.sh isn't working atm, meaning that downloading schems/worlds won't work. Please be sure to post in the correct categories (this post belongs in Community Support). Topic moved to Community Support
  6. Stargazers

    poket edition

    Please be sure to post in the correct categories, this belongs in Community Support (Servers is for advertising Minehut servers.) Topic moved to Community Support.
  7. crewly i will help you out
  8. We don't support cracked clients. (However, aspects of the server properties file can be accessed by going to the server settings tab of the panel.)
  9. You can check your logs for possible causes of crashes. (/dl logs or go to the file manager)
  10. You need Vault and a compatible chat plugin (like EssentialsChat [requires Essentials]) to see them.
  11. A great resource to use is https://skripthub.net/tutorials, it gives in depth explanations about basic, medium, and advanced things you can do with Skript. (also if you prefer to use videos to learn Skript, you can check out the tutorials on the Minehut youtube channel here)
  12. If you're using TuSKe (which is recommended unless you want to use vanilla GUIs [please don't use SkQuery's GUIs]), you can't use /sk reload all or /sk reload scripts. It'll break the GUIs and cause items to be stealable, and therefore make your GUIs break.
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