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  1. Are you saying you want to create a /back command in Skript or just discussing the /back command?
  2. You can't add custom plugins (ones that aren't on the Minehut panel), but you can suggest them here, on the forums (in the Suggestions category).
  3. You can create a server on the panel (minehut.com). Create an account and follow the steps provided on the panel.
  4. What version of Minecraft and what launcher are you running? (Also this message sometimes appears because of a recent IGN change.)
  5. You can view a guide to ImageOnMap here.
  6. People should just post random pictures of animals as their replies. I'll start:
  7. Please be sure to post in the correct categories! (Servers is only for advertising released Minehut servers.) Topic moved to General.
  8. Stargazers


    But what does existence really even mean? How can we find out if we exist if we only have a definition that may not actually exist itself?
  9. Is it possible for me to invest in the stocks of Lunkin Lonuts?
  10. Go to the Server Properties tab on the panel, select Max Players, and choose the slot amount you want. Prices (in credits) will vary depending on how many slots you choose. After choosing the option, click Save, and restart your server. Also, please be sure to post in the correct categories, this post belongs in Community Support. Topic moved to Community Support.
  11. Glad to have you back! (also thanks pndq)
  12. Pretty sure it's the vanilla Minecraft reach, which is ~4.25 diagonal/3 horizontal (on flat ground in survival) and a bit bigger in creative.
  13. Stargazers


    no. (sorry I had to, it's terrible so it gets the job done)
  14. Has to be Thistle's Spanish lessons in random calls
  15. Instead of to close then run: you can simply use to close: and your current subsequent section.
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