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  1. ngl, that writing competition looks fun
  2. This is probably a client-side issue, from the information you've given me. In order to fully gauge the problem, could you ask someone else to try on your server? If that is the case, it would be a minehut-side problem. If not, like I said before, it would probably be due to your account. I'm not really sure what the problem could be, seeing as this is definitely isn't a common occurrence. It could be due to lag causing crafting not to work, but I'd need more information to help. Maybe try using a ethernet cable or moving closer to the router you're using. I'm sorry I couldn't help a
  3. copy warzone's source code into a skript file and hope for the best how can I get free credits
  4. spam Trent's DMs and ask him to add it why am i not alowed to be on mienhut becaus I am 12 years old (joke please don't ban me again)
  5. This is due to Paper. Essentially, paper is this sort of modification to the general workaround of minecraft to fix things. It prevents things like zero-tick farms and tnt duping, so that is why you are having the problem. Sorry! (also technically not necroposting since it hasn't been a month yet)
  6. If it's still not working, you can try resetting the world in the Danger Zone category or renaming the world in the dashboard. Gamerules are exclusive to the world they were set in, so it should be fine if you make a new world or reset an old one. If you're not ok with that, do what @SCCPS said above.
  7. Marshland

    why banned?

    I'm not sure the exact reason, but judging from your comment, it was a player server. You can try to prevent this by reading the rules and trying to follow them when playing. You can usually find them in-game, either on a wall or hologram, or simply with a "/rules" command. You could ask staff what the rules are in advance so you don't break them. Sometimes the discord or forums group might have them listed as well. Unfortunately, Minehut does not have much say in the affairs inside player servers (and if they did, I don't think they would help in your case). I hope this helps
  8. Are you sure you're downloading the right world? Try "/worlds" to see the list and make sure its one of those. The level name may be different from the default and/or you may be using the incorrect format for uploaded worlds. If that still doesn't work, come back here so I can provide further help.
  9. Datapacks on Minehut are rather buggy. The process is weird and takes quite some time and the end result usually doesn't end in it working, sadly. There'll be better support for datapacks when the Minehut Market releases in full, but for now, there isn't much you can do sadly. Sorry!
  10. This just meant your server crashed, for one reason or another. Your progress most likely was not lost, but if it was, it was only a few minutes before the crash occurred. Log into the panel here and restart the server. This also will not reset everything. It will take some time to reboot, but once it does, everything should still be there. When something like this happens, you typically have to restart the server manually, seeing as it doesn't work in-game. I hope this helps
  11. Unfortunately, the "save world" button has no effect unless the server crashed (and didn't save) or some other outage occured. If you do not have the plugin "CoreProtect" or have previously taken a back-up with the command "/dl world (world name)", you will most likely not be able to get it back. For future prevention of problems like this, try to do the following: - Only give people you trust operator permissions (You can get a permission plugin to give people lower permissions than straight operator) - Add the "CoreProtect" plugin for rolling back your world. (It can be a lif
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