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  1. Moderator. For sure.. Well.. Idk... Hard question but I'd say Moderator. (is it ok if I say "u know any servers of this type?!"? if so...) Do you know any servers of Skywars Or Bedwars theme on Minehut?? (if not) Would you rather make a Mine-hut Network themed Texture pack or a Minehut Staff and/or well-known players Texture pack? (feel free to answer both) also I DIDNT MEAN TO ANSWER THE WRONG QUESTION my computer stopped scrolling but im too lasy to edit it so yeh...
  2. Hey! I'd like to know what your bedwars server is. Please come back to me asap. thanks.


  3. I'd really love a bedwars or skywars server. Reply if you have one.. Please! :D cya in the replies ~Bread
  4. McThistle2 is the BEST Moderator ever and deserves to be the owner of minehut. Yes or no in the replies PLEASE SAY YES!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cuz its true) [YES] [NO]
  5. Greetings and Good Morning, Afternoon or Night, Minehut Community! How do I do this? I'd like to make an anti-cheat better than Matrix and all that other stuffs. So, I'd like to do somethingwhere it notifies staff of a high cps, fast head movements and other things like that. Three warnings and then they are banned (Optional) Also! how do I Skript a chat filter - If someone says a certain word it changes it to a different word. It also warns them and (optional) after 3 warnings they get muted. I'd also like a version of the chat filter without the warnings if you did them - I'm not asking for you to do them for me, I'm asking for how to do it. Thank you! ~xQBread
  6. Lmao What about me other queston tho? lmao
  7. Greetings, Minehut Community! I am currently creating a KitPvP Server and also an RPG server. Uhmm... So... I would really liek a good anti-cheat that notifies staff of high cps, kill-aura and does NOT Just throw random people into the ground (Matrix Anti-Cheat) There is a question that I don't know where to put, in the Skript forums or these questions forums, It is how do I Skript a chat filter - If someone says a certain word it changes it to a different word. It also warns them and (optional) after 3 warnings they get muted. Thank you, and goodnight, ~xQBread
  8. Hello, Minehut Community! I am writing to you today to ask for someone who could help me make a gen server.... That would be very helpful. Thank you! Glowing regards, -BreadBoi
  9. Faster car - Epidemic Sound Cotton Eyed Joe - Rednex Electroswing Revival - Gee YSMIAC - Billie Eilish Haha! BECOME ALL OF THOSE - Corgi Driving Car (Faster Car} - Cowboy Corgi (Cotton Eyed Joe) - Classy Corgi (Electroswing Revival) and Corgi in a Crown (YSMIAC) Also listen to all of them... e.e
  10. xQBread


    Idk how to do thios, my server isn't finished... aAaAAAAAAAAaaaaAAa
  11. i need to convert this to 1.953MB (Convert it to that when its a gif) Right clikc it and put it on loop mylivewallpapers.com-Arisa-Shadowverse.mp4
  12. I am gonna turn my prof pic to an anime char

    rn its 69%


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