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  1. Faster car - Epidemic Sound Cotton Eyed Joe - Rednex Electroswing Revival - Gee YSMIAC - Billie Eilish Haha! BECOME ALL OF THOSE - Corgi Driving Car (Faster Car} - Cowboy Corgi (Cotton Eyed Joe) - Classy Corgi (Electroswing Revival) and Corgi in a Crown (YSMIAC) Also listen to all of them... e.e
  2. xQBread


    Idk how to do thios, my server isn't finished... aAaAAAAAAAAaaaaAAa
  3. i need to convert this to 1.953MB (Convert it to that when its a gif) Right clikc it and put it on loop mylivewallpapers.com-Arisa-Shadowverse.mp4
  4. I am gonna turn my prof pic to an anime char

    rn its 69%


  5. can u add my skin? just make me the wierd boi standing in the background, and then I just walk up and say to a staff member: Never Eat Bread, and the climax happens? so can I be the bad guy? Sorry if I'm too late.. Adios (Ign is same as forum name)
  6. Hey, How did you do this? image.png.de958c892c789ecdccb71bd49702e171.png

  7. How do all y'all do this?
  8. I like banana, because it is tasty, and it is a berry! not many people know that. Berries need to have the following... 1. A hard exterior shell that you cannot eat, 2. A soft and mushy inside, that is edible, and.... 3. More than 5 seeds!
  9. xQBread


    I just downloaded the minecraft font! im so cool e.e #madlads
  10. Everybody wants to sing our campfire song, Even famous celebrities, just like james charles or laura lee!
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