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  1. Hello. I am requesting a leaderboard skript that would be able to put the top 5 players of how many levels they have. Variables I use, incase that helps: LV - %player's uuid%.LV | XP - %player's uuid%.XP | XP Required - %player's uuid%.XPreq I would like to be able to grab the top 5 player's LV and names for it. Top 3 would be OK as well if you are unable to do 5
  2. Update: fixed, uninstalled the new plugins
  3. also, the stars mean new after the restart forgot to add
  4. Ok, on my server (leveluppk.minehut.gg), I have a skript for my PvP server (yes the name is misleading, its a WIP name while i figure out a real one), that controls everything. Unfortunately,after I restarted and got some new plugins, the skript is no longer registering, saying there are no triggers or commands, but saying the skripts do exist. Plugins : FAWE, Holographic Displays, Holographic Extensions*, ShopKeepers, Skript, GameAPI*, SkBee*, Skellett, skQuery, skRayFall, skript-holo*, SkUniversal*, TuSKE, Vixio, ViaVersion, ViaBackwards, ViaRewind, WorldEdit, WorldGuard Skrip
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