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About Me

Follow me on Twitter: @KailumAsylum

My YouTube Channel: KailumAsylum

-Minehut Senior Moderator

-Minehut Reports/Appeals Team Leader


Pm me on discord: Kailum#0184




My name is Kailum and I am a Senior Moderator on Minehut.  Now, here is my history on Minehut.



-I originally join, 2014

-I become an active Minehut Player (August 2015)

-OG Minehut closes

-Prohost.gs opens up

-Prohost.gs shuts down

-Minehut returns as MCHost

-MCHost changes back to Minehut

-Minehut closes

-Minehut re-opens

-Got Legend Rank (2017, at 7:40 PM)

-SLG partners with Minehut

-SLG buys Minehut

-Became a Minehut Player Council Member 24/03/19

-Got Junior Moderator 28/04/19

-Joined the Events Team 21/06/19

-Joined the Reports/Appeals Team 28/06/19

-Got Moderator 28/07/19

-Got Senior Moderator 01/09/19

-Got Manager (I don't think that'll ever happen but who knows)

-Got Administrator (Okay, now you've gone too far!)




Stuffs about me


Hello, I am fifteen years old and I watch shows such as The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

That's all I have to say about myself.




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