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  1. Lets hit 100 replies. There's 1 rule though: - You can only send a reply once. I'll start
  2. I'd probably do the following; - Start a company, invest in the idea. (Around 1/4 aka 250k) - Get my parents a large house with their dream cars. (Probs will be like 350k) - Purchase a house. (250k) - Invest in my future education. (50k) - Give money to a charity. (100k) IF THE COMPANY IF SUCCESSFUL: - Invest more money in another idea. - Upgrade my setup. - Purchase my dream car (when I'll be 18+) - Give money to charities, friends and family. - Flex
  3. Hello, Dimes currently needs approx. 1-2 builders to help build for the server. Our main theme is Sandy // Ancient Greek, this comes in with our servers colour scheme; yellow, gold and gray. If you'd like to build for Dimes then please contact me either on the forums, discord or Minehut. Forums: Matqx Discord: Matqx#5545 MC: Matqx
  4. Another issue. The first skript wouldn't work either way, you don't do "on command" The correct skript would be: command /hub: trigger: cancel event Once again, bypassing the minehut commands is not allowed.
  5. Yes, it's against the rules to block commands provided by Minehut. Unfortunately, It's not stated in the "rules" section but I'm 99.99% certain it can get you perm-banned. Besides, I'm pretty sure it's impossible to bypass the commands anyways.
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  8. There's several tutorials on creating ranks. The minehut one shows you the exact way, if you're having trouble (after watching the tutorial thoroughly) then please look at the luckperms documentation. Documentation: https://github.com/lucko/LuckPerms/wiki This post has been locked Reason: Question Answered
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  10. Once again, the support has actually been amazing. Thank you so much!




  11. Dang, how haven't you become a president yet Kurtis?
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