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  1. Welcome to the forums, most of us don't bite
  2. Ngl, if the person makes the stereotypes on staff I will make sure this post stays up for a month
  3. Dang, cool intro. Welcome back bud.
  4. Matqx

    Minehut console

    You can always check your logs for any events you'd like to see. If you have essentials then you can use /socialspy as Residents said.
  5. Clean code. I have one small suggestion though, I think you should shorten the code. Also maybe make /tablist only excecutable by console? This is the prevent users from being able to perform random commands. To fix this just change the code to: command /tablist: executable by: console trigger: if {playerrank.%player%} = "default": set player's tablist name to "&7%player%" if {playerrank.%player%} = "vip": set player's tablist name to "&a[VIP] &a%player%" if {playerrank.%player%} = "pro": set player's tabli
  6. Don't worry, Dimes will get that 100% score sooner
  7. Blooms - Appeals Format Hello, this section is for players that believe their punishment should be reverted. This is either because they were incorrectly punished or because they believe they've changed. No matter what, you can always repay for your actions! Please copy and paste the following format onto a new topic and you'll be responded to by an appropriate staff member. Report Format: IGN: Discord: Offence: Length: Why should your punishment be reverted?
  8. Blooms - Reports Format Hello, this is the section to report players. To avoid any false reports we made a report format we'd like you to use. This is to ensure we don't waste time on useless reports without any actual evidence provided. If you see a staff member in-game you may also use the command /report Please copy and paste the following format onto a new topic and you'll be responded to by an appropriate staff member. Report Format: Offenders name: Offence: Evidence: Extra information:
  9. Blooms - Trainee Application Format Hello! Thank you for considering applying for Blooms. However, it isn't as easy as just applying, you must reach certain requirements to be able to apply and then must go through an interview with the Staff Manager. Requirements: - You must be over the age of 13, this is because you must be active in our Discord Server and accept Discord's TOS in order to be accepted onto the team. - You must also have a wide range of knowledge on the server and the gamemode, as well as common misconceptions and how to resolve any player issues. - As
  10. Lets hit 100 replies. There's 1 rule though: - You can only send a reply once. I'll start
  11. I'd probably do the following; - Start a company, invest in the idea. (Around 1/4 aka 250k) - Get my parents a large house with their dream cars. (Probs will be like 350k) - Purchase a house. (250k) - Invest in my future education. (50k) - Give money to a charity. (100k) IF THE COMPANY IF SUCCESSFUL: - Invest more money in another idea. - Upgrade my setup. - Purchase my dream car (when I'll be 18+) - Give money to charities, friends and family. - Flex
  12. Hello, Dimes currently needs approx. 1-2 builders to help build for the server. Our main theme is Sandy // Ancient Greek, this comes in with our servers colour scheme; yellow, gold and gray. If you'd like to build for Dimes then please contact me either on the forums, discord or Minehut. Forums: Matqx Discord: Matqx#5545 MC: Matqx
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