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  1. Make sure you have ProtocolLib and LibsDisguises; they're required for some of the plugin's commands and could be the issue.
  2. Your best bet is to contact Minehut support (here) to see if they can recover your server. If they can't, you're out of luck.
  3. @Sniperkingpro make sure you have ProtocolLib and LibsDisguises installed for some commands to work.
  4. Go to Server Appearance > Server Domain to change your server's name.
  5. This sounds like it could be a really cool minehut event @Ceppy
  6. Sounds like an interesting idea. Hope it takes off!
  7. If your server is suspended, you'll need to appeal that suspension here. Resetting & renaming your server will not remove the suspension.
  8. yikes x2 Got any of that spaceship? Anyways, welcome around.
  9. Hey, During summer, Minehut should host a massive summer build competition on the event server (MHEvent) sometime in June. Length: 2-3 weeks Theme: Summer Worldedit: If FastAsyncWorldedit has a 1.14 release by then, allow players to use worldedit Prize: Exclusive cosmetic rank ingame & on discord, and a small sum of credits. Judging: Panel of judges which take community input
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