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  1. Update UhcCore to its latest version (1.18.1) that provides support for 1.16. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/uhccore-automated-uhc-for-minecraft-1-8-8-1-16.47572/updates
  2. update orebfuscator to this forked version https://github.com/TeamWuffy/Orebfuscator (current version https://github.com/lishid/Orebfuscator is not 1.15 compatible)
  3. The current version of Phat Loots is out of date. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/phatloots-loot-tables-conditions-block-loots-mob-drops-1-13-1-15.68925/
  4. Double check that the server is whitelisted. /whitelist on If the server was whitelisted, one of the whitelisted users likely griefed the server themselves. Make sure everyone on /whitelist list is trusted.
  5. Read this article and look into getting this Flashback Removal Tool.
  6. AttendantFox

    Skin Problem

    Are you playing on Bedrock edition? There is a bug where Java players only see Bedrock players' skins as steve/alex.
  7. Double check that you're running this command ingame: /gamerule keepInventory false This applies only to the world you're in.
  8. AttendantFox


    You cannot delete a server, but you can rename and reset it.
  9. AttendantFox


    Glad I could help.
  10. Double check the command you're running in the server console. It should be this: op CreperBoss
  11. You cannot do this on Minehut.
  12. AttendantFox


    Try running the following command in your server console again. gamerule randomTickSpeed 3
  13. Backdoor Flashback is a trojan horse (malware). Make sure you have antivirus software if you don't already. In the future, only download Minecraft from the official, trusted site, minecraft.net (this goes for any downloading-only trusted sites).
  14. Any ETA on the backup system in the panel?
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