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  1. wait anormaltopaz how do i get to the concole command center i lost and stuck


  2. As you know, it isn't 1.14 so it probably won't be added, but you could use skript to do this
  3. Depends, on most websites & discord I use dark mode, but on these forums I would rather be blinded then use dark mode. Red or Yellow Starbursts
  4. Ender Dragon isn't that annoying, once you kill him he is gone forever, unless you spawn another one
  5. Mine is working, could be an issue on your end. Which browser are you using?
  6. Just like 2016/2017 But really, I agree with these points, although some people do take it a little too far. Some people don't care enough to actually work on learning skript and just ask in these channels for free skripts to say they did it. At this point I think it is fine with the toxicity. But when someone is just asking for a bit of help with an error and people are going after them, that is unneeded toxicity.
  7. Stalk him a few days before to know his daily routine, then plan a huge surprise party for him. When he is leaving his house, or in the bathroom or something, sneak by and kidnap him. Then bring him to the surprise party with all of the staff and good minehut players. or maybe just go with Minipixel's idea
  8. Blaze, same as skeleton, have aimbot or something, and also set you on fire, meaning they hit you more and you can't sprint jump as easily
  9. What if they are the same person? either way it's a loss. I would rather lose someone that I have a crush on. 1. Be a Pirate 2. Be a Ninja
  10. Texas holdem is good Favorite candy bar?
  11. ANormalTopaz


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