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  1. Completed the form, can't wait to see the polls
  2. Good luck to all applicants to who will apply! - CoverMC
  3. I'm glad this went into a success. Good job. - Cover
  4. I'm not really into PVP but I gotta say, 1.8x - 1.7x versions is the way to go, and that's my choice if I wanted to go hardcore on PVP.
  5. CoverMC

    Do you remember...

    Ah yes, the good ol' times.
  6. Trent has talked about adding live-console very soon. I heard they are like 2/3 done. I'm not completely sure about this one but that is what someone has said. I'm hoping for it to come out sometime this summer. This'll be quite useful to spot your errors.
  7. Well can't wait to see you playing Minehut again! And yes, Minehut has changed and it's been getting a lot of players recently.
  8. CoverMC

    Do you remember...

    Who remembers when Luuke had to leave Minehut for college and left it alone? The chat was beyond crazy.
  9. CoverMC

    Builder Needed

    I'll build for you if you want, but I'm currently building for a server. I'll build for you right after the server and I'll send you my portfolio. (I don't really have one but I'm a good builder)
  10. You are welcome, anytime needed.
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