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  1. Appeal denied. The evidence you provided was only a single message of excessive caps, and this user also has no prior punishment history.
  2. Appeal denied. "negro" may not be defined as offensive, but people still find it offensive. It can also considered a slur, which is what you were punished for. I'll shorten your punishment to 2 weeks, only because this is your first offense. If this happens again you won't be getting unmuted soon.
  3. Denied. The evidence is pretty insufficient. We should at least get some sound to go with it.
  4. Appeal denied. You can appeal again in 2 weeks, but I recommend you wait at least a couple months.
  5. It seems you've never played warzone. What's your ign?
  6. I actually experienced this earlier when playing warzone. I don't know if it's hacks, but it seems some users hit once than randomly hit twice right after, even though they didn't time the swing of their sword.
  7. Appeal denied. I recommend you take appealing seriously if you would like to get unbanned. You can appeal again in 2 weeks.
  8. Appeal denied. Cheating should not be taken lightly, you should wait for a while before you appeal again. You can appeal in a couple weeks, but I recommend you wait a couple months. This appeal will be open for 24 hours if you have questions or comments.
  9. check the fac page https://superleague.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/360001333733-Minehut
  10. I can make anything you need in skript, payment is paypal (cheap). Message me on discord MrScopes#5548
  11. if you do /sk reload scripts or /sk reload all it breaks tuske guis
  12. Report accepted. Thanks.
  13. Unfortunately, this appeal is denied. You have a long punishment history and you asked a staff member to read your appeal not 20 minutes after it was created. You can appeal again in 2 weeks, but I recommend waiting a couple of months. This will be open for 24 hours if you have any questions.
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