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  1. domino


    you talk like geronimo stilton. that rat that is literate and cant figure out how to consistently use fonts.
  2. if you'd like to see results from another survey, compiled comprehensively:
  3. An analysis of why people are toxic. im not an expert at anything, im dumb. Dunning-Kruger Effect The dunning kruger effect is an explanation why incompetent people thing they are experts at a certain field. in the beginning they understand they are incompetant, but as they begin learning, there is such a great intake of knowledge, they think they have much more knowledge than others (because they dont know, what they dont know), but as they begin to learn more they begin to hit roadblocks of misunderstanding, in which they dont understand. They finally realize the things they dont understand and they are incompetent, and now they can strive to be better. Now they can finally become better. Relation to Toxicity how does this relate to some of the community being toxic? when people begin making server they realise they are bad then after a while, their confidence surges. this would explain the people who think their server is great, although it may not be. these people think they are the best server creators, and nobody is better than them. Because they don't want anybody to be better than them, when a creator encroaches on being better than them, they adamantly reply with every itty bitty mistake, and inconvenience that has to do with the creator, in order to rationalize their decision that they are better than everybody else. Even if their stated issue isnt a problem. They believe they cannot be wrong, and are always right. These people are mediocre developers, server owners, etc... they are toxic, to make themself feel better about themselves, by rationalizing why others are worse than them. Although, once they actually become good, they realize, they should support others to make them better and succeed, so they can together support eachother and the community to succeed overall. this effect is similar to the dunning kruger effect. in the beginning people think they are good, then they are not, then they actually are good. do you think my opinion holds any merit? i dunno
  4. i know 40 players isnt a gracious amount, but honestly, its difficult getting players to do a survey.
  5. yea thats why i seperated real rpg's from fake grinding rpg's.
  6. Minehut Census Results The results to the unofficial community census. Unofficial Minehut Census - Closed Clicking on an image will cause you to download it for a higher quality resolution. Alternatives: Minehut Census Results Minehut Census Results (2).pdf ________________________________________________________ Minehut Census Results (1).pdf
  7. the personal section is optional , you dont have to answer it its to know more about what the minehut population is made up of
  8. If you'd like, do the survey, in order to learn more about the Minehut community. Click the blue link.
  9. Minehut Unofficial Census (approx. 30 questions) To learn more about the community's desires, hates, opinions and general population This is a census to learn more about us and Minehut. This data will be released to the public once the polling is over. The released data will be anonymous and names will not be tracked with answers.The data can be used by server owners, creators and the community to learn more about each other and to create servers and projects that will better suit you and the community. Making better servers for the community. If you'd like me to add any questions to the census, please request an addition in the comments. Polling closes when I decide we have sufficient data. CLICK HERE FOR THE SURVEY
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