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  1. Staff Applications Open & Staff Roles Updated Staff Applications are now open! Applications will be running from today Saturday June 29th through next week Saturday July 6th make sure to get it in as fast as possible so you don't miss out Staff Applications won't open back up for another 2 months! Head over to the Staff Application category or click here to start your application process! Make sure you copy the format posted and follow all of the requirements! Staff Changes & Role Updates ‣ Admins (Leadership Team) @Trent @ZeroParticle ‣ Managers (Staff Managers) @BennyDoesStuff @Motionq @Spazzs ‣ Senior Moderators (Team Leaders) @_Gingey_ Reports and Appeals Manager - makes sure reports and ban appeals get handled quickly. @_Rascal Build Team Manager - manages the build team entirely, applications and projects. @Ceppy Events Manager - runs Minehut Events club on forums, comes up with events, creates events, runs events, coordinate with Super League Gaming to promote events. @Criticyl Community Support Manager - makes sure community support is well organized, setup !tags in discord, make sure questions on forums are answered, and threads are clean meaning one clear, correct answer in response to questions so they are easily searchable in the future. @Faacto Suggestions Manager - manages suggestions discord, organizing features, working with Trent on what should get on the roadmap, spurs conversation in suggestions discord. @ThatOneTqnk Plugin Manager - manages plugin updates, handling reports of broken plugins adds new plugins after verifying safe. Newly Promoted Moderators Welcome the newest Minehut Moderators to the staff team, make sure to congratulate them on making it through their 2 month trial and successfully join our team full time! @JackJack33 @MikeTheAngel @Tresre @Xounaut
  2. Minehut Moderation Application Hey there, thanks for taking interest into applying for the Minehut moderation team! The main goals of the team are to help players with their Minehut servers, keep our lobbies, Discord server, and forums fully moderated as well as hosting events with the community and responding to player reports and appeals. If you are interested in joining the team, please make sure you have fully read up on the Minehut rules located here as well as how the staff team is organized and how the application process works in the post located here. Staff Requirements - At least 14 years of age. - This is because all staff members are required to use Discord as our main form of communication amongst the staff team and according to the Discord TOS, they require everyone to be at least 13 years old to have an account. - Must be apart of the Minehut community for at least 2 months. - One of the main responsibilities of the moderation team is to help out players with their Minehut servers. Because of this, we require that all staff members have a good understanding of how Minehut works and how to use it. - Have a working and understandable microphone. - One of the steps of the application process is coming into a Discord call with some higher up staff members and doing a quick interview. Because of this, we require that all applicants have a working and understandable microphone. This could be your headset, your phone, or maybe a webcam on your laptop. - Able to contribute a few hours a week on Minehut services. - The moderation team would not work properly if none of the staff members were active enough to accomplish its goals. While we aren't expecting you to spend a crazy amount of time, we do expect that you are spending a few hours a week either in game, on our forums, or talking in the Minehut Discord server. - No major punishments within the last 30 days. - While we are completely fine if you got a mute or 2 for some minor infraction, we ask that you may not have any punishments longer than a week issued within the past month of submitting your moderation application. - Have a Discord account you use actively. - As stated above, all of our staff members are required to have a Discord account. This is mainly because our main platform for communication is all within our private staff Discord server. We also ask that you are somewhat active in our main Minehut Discord server. Application Guidelines - Do not harass or ask any staff members to read or look at your application. It will be instantly denied. - You must follow the application format and follow any staff or application requirements located in this forums post. - Your application has to be 100% honest and lying in your application might result in a blacklist from applying. - Do not share or discuss your application with any other players or staff members while it is pending. - If you're punished while your application is being reviewed, it will be denied depending on the severity of the infraction. - In the case that your application is accepted, you are not allowed to share your results until this portion of the application process is completed (when you get your final denial or acceptance into the moderation team). Application Format (Copy + Paste) Personal Questions: First Name: Minecraft Username: Discord Tag (eg. User#0000): Age: Timezone: Are you multilingual? (fluent, not learning) General Questions: What made you want to apply for a staff position here? How much time can you contribute to being online and available? Do you have any connections to members of the current staff team? (If so, who?) Have you been staff on any server inside or outside of Minehut? (If so, where and what did you do?) Have you broken any rules on Minehut or other servers in the past? (How have you changed since then)? What are some of your accomplishments, skills, hobbies, or other recreations outside of Minecraft? Situations: Explain a situation where you have shown maturity / good handling of a situation. A player has just told you that their Minehut server isn't starting up. What should you ask or tell them? You are currently busy and someone told you that there was a rule breaker in the lobby. What would you do? Would you rather prioritize sending well-written responses or replying in a short amount of time and why? Ready to apply? Click "New Topic" in the Applications category or click here to start your application! Make sure you copied the format posted above and followed all the requirements.
  3. When appealing for a punishment, make sure you follow the format listed below. Please note that you cannot appeal for punishments shorter than 1 week, unless you believe your punishment was 100% unfair. Asking staff to read your appeal may result in an instant denial. IGN or Discord Tag (e.g. User#0000): Punishment Type (mute/ban): Reason of Punishment: When you were punished: Why should your punishment be reverted: Please attach evidence or anything that will support your appeal if possible. You can appeal every 2 weeks if you are denied. Also please do not respond to your own appeal. Ready to appeal? Click here to start creating your appeal. Make sure you copy the format!
  4. Minehut occasionally suspend servers for breaking our rules located here. If we do find your server in violation of our rules and you would like to appeal your server's suspension, copy the format below and post it in the "Appeals" category right here on the Minehut forums. Please make sure that you are the owner of the server before you start making an appeal for the suspension. Server Name: Why do you think the server is suspended? Why should we unsuspend your server? Additional Information: Ready to appeal your server suspension? Click here to start creating your appeal. Make sure you copy the format! If you have any additional questions concerning anything related to server suspensions and what we do exactly suspend servers for, feel free to contact any of the managers right here on the forums or by joining the Minehut Discord server here.
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