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  1. I haven't tested it, and I just made it, if it doesn't work then my bad. #i don't care if you change any of this, go ahead command /pvp: permission: pvp.toggle permission message: &cYou do not have permission to do that. trigger: if {map.pvp} is false: broadcast "&c%player% enabled PvP in all worlds." set {map.pvp} to true else if {map.pvp} is not false: broadcast "&c%player% disabled PvP in all worlds." set {map.pvp} to false on damage: if attacker is a player: if victim is a player: if {map.pvp} is false: cancel event send "&cPvP is currently disabled at this time."
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    First, he wanted to start off by taking down the USSR, conquering the biggest country on the planet, so he did this by
  3. Hey so I'm realizing now that the title of this thread is sort of misleading, I edited to portray it as more of a warning. ah, that makes more sense now
  4. not really a security issue, as it's pretty much the same thing for every website, it's not able to be patched separate your forums/console passwords by email and there it's solved also you're GIVING the account to them, so it's not minehut's fault, nor a security issue, it's just the user's issue for giving the same password to their forum account to them
  5. correct, that's the main reason i chose the line anyway for that joke
  6. sand heavily misunderstood, yes, it's all course and rough and it gets everywhere, but what else can it do? it is one of the t w o gravity effected blocks, therefore it is already a unique and powerful block, and you can actually murder people with it, and make traps with it, and you can make vietcong traps and fall traps with it, therefore, it is the best block in minecraft, no doubt
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      next time won't you sing with me

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      now that the ritual is complete reality is ours to control

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