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  1. BluRP CWRP in Minecraft Garry's Mod is a very popular sandbox game with many different sub-games inside of it, such as Clone Wars RP. BluRP's goal is to create CWRP in Minecraft and expand on it further using skript. After 2 years of hibernation and no activity or development, BluRP is back for v2. The original BluRP was a mess, this version is now fully skripted and has many different ranks for you (around 62 main ranks outside of batallions and staff!) to obtain and multiple batallions to join from Shocktroopers to Deathtroopers, and more coming in the future.
  2. Every time the server starts, you respawn in the overworld. I've set warps, spawns, made skripts that do it, and none of it works. I'm trying to set the spawn to a separate world called "ul_destroyer", I've been trying for a few days and I haven't found anything. If you have any questions about info needed, just ask.
  3. they do try /locate Village or /locate village
  4. Server hosting costs money. 1.8 million servers running, that's a lot of money. While this may not have been the best way for everyone, they had to do something to get money. Global pandemics make advertisers stop advertising, or put less money into advertising, and more people indoors. Less money being generated to keep servers up, less servers. More people indoors, more people going onto computers, more online players, more server costs. edit: it also lowers lag which everyone was complaining about a month or two ago so
  5. I'm going to make an combat skript where you can select characters, and I need ideas for characters, from any lore, fiction, etc. Right now, the only characters I have an idea of right now are Vegeta (SSGSS) from Dragon Ball Super and DIO from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. Either just put the character's name, or put it in this format if you'd like specific stuff. Notice: You can remove the extra specials or add some, or add extensions. All super moves will cost certain amounts of Energy. The maximum is 10 energy and they gain it from attacking with a
  6. Rarity: Epic Name: Lightning Rod Description: Strikes the %victim% with lightning, and sends out fire particles from the victim. Max Level: 3 Description of every level: Level 1 - Decent damage. Level 2 - Slightly better damage, more particles. Level 3 - Bypasses armor, Level 2 damage, sends out fire particles.
  7. I haven't tested it, and I just made it, if it doesn't work then my bad. #i don't care if you change any of this, go ahead command /pvp: permission: pvp.toggle permission message: &cYou do not have permission to do that. trigger: if {map.pvp} is false: broadcast "&c%player% enabled PvP in all worlds." set {map.pvp} to true else if {map.pvp} is not false: broadcast "&c%player% disabled PvP in all worlds." set {map.pvp} to false on damage: if attacker is a player: if victim is a player: if {map.pvp} is false: cancel event send
  8. Diamistic


    First, he wanted to start off by taking down the USSR, conquering the biggest country on the planet, so he did this by
  9. Hey so I'm realizing now that the title of this thread is sort of misleading, I edited to portray it as more of a warning. ah, that makes more sense now
  10. not really a security issue, as it's pretty much the same thing for every website, it's not able to be patched separate your forums/console passwords by email and there it's solved also you're GIVING the account to them, so it's not minehut's fault, nor a security issue, it's just the user's issue for giving the same password to their forum account to them
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