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  1. Heya! For a more long term solution, may I recommended `While` loops. This way you don't have to use "Loop-player", no more of that confusing stuff on join: while player is online: if {mana.%player's uuid%} is less than {manamax.%player's uuid%}: add {manareg.%player's uuid%} to {mana.%player's uuid%} #It's highly recommended to use UUID, Universal Unique Identifier (or something like that) #This way, if they change their name, could be hacked, mandatory, or just of interest, it will save their data. List variables, also commonly known as "Arrays". It's essentially what the name says it is. This way you can store many values in a single variable, in the long run you can loop these if necessary. A benefit is also they're easy to delete, you can see the mass/amount, etc, etc. A list variable could look like this: `{Players::Queue::*}` it could also just look like this: `{Queue::*}` You see the end is a `star`, that's the index/indices. The index is kinda like a slot. Let's say we add 3 players to variable, you can access them by typing: `send "Player 1: %{Queue::1}%"`, if you want to display every value in the list, simply type: `send "Player Queue: %{Queue::*}%"`. That would send every value in that variable. If you want to add a player, simply do `add player to {Queue::*}`, wanna remove somebody, simply do `remove player from {Queue::*}`. I hope this gives you a short introduction to lists, and the potential it has in the future. You're always free to add to this post, or message me personally.
  2. When looping players, text and such shouldn't be a problem. It is certainly not recommended though. If you plan to do more advanced and more code. I'd recommended to use a while loop. Example: on join: while player is online: send action bar "&cHP: %player's health%&7/&c%player's max health%" to player wait 2 ticks You'd have to rejoin every time you make a change, but it's worth it in the long run. Here you can make some crazy stuff, while having more direct control of the player. NEVER EVER EVER FORGET A DELAY! MUST ALWAYS HAVE "WAIT 1 TICK". IF YOU FORGET, THE SERVER WILL CRASH.
  3. I could imagine you have Essentials, try to do "minecraft:/give %player% netherite_sword". If that doesn't work, an alternative could be to add the sword to skript's item text file and add it via skript.
  4. You can use @TheGoose's alternative, but you'd have to delete their PlayerData in order to trigger the event again. Not many players know where that Data is located.
  5. send "<url:discord.gg/yourlinkhere>Click here! <reset>Not here!" to all players
  6. on join: if {Join::*} does not contain player's uuid: add diamond sword to player add player's uuid to {Join::*} set join message to "&b%player% &fjoined for the first time!" You made a little typo. The variable name must always be the same!
  7. Hey there! I'm sorry, are you trying to skript the "SkyBlock" plugin itself? I would definitely not recommend that as a starter skripter. Firstly, you must be able to understand the elements and aspects of how skyblock work, and then skript those. In other words, that task is quite massive and could take weeks, even for skilled skripters. I'd recommend to use a plugin until you've mastered certain aspects of skripting. But, if you need help, feel free to ask Much love and luck to you!
  8. Hi there! I've reviewed the code and you do not seem to use TuSKe. Try this code instead: on click with nether star: open virtual chest with 3 rows named " " to player format gui slot 16 of player with book named "&aStats" to run: open virtual chest with 5 rows named "&2stats" to player
  9. I don't seem to have any issues whatsoever regarding TuSKe. Are you sure that you're not using SkQuery or regular skript? Do you mind if you could post your code?
  10. Hey there! I'm not quite an expert using Skellet, but, according to documentation, this should work: set {_npc} to citizen named "Testing Subject" with entity player spawn npc {_npc} at player's location If it doesn't work, I'll test and try some code myself. I'll try other addons if necessary, but please let me know - Worthy
  11. Hello! There is a plugin called ProtocolSupportLegacyChest. This plugin is currently not available on minehut. Surely it'll be added back, I can't tell when though.
  12. AWorthySon

    My Resignation

    "I will miss you personally. We'll keep on meming" - Worthy 2019 You certainly have been an important asset of minehut, certainly in the community as your memes spread like wildfire.
  13. Happy Trentm---... Happy New Year to you as well. #JacksonForSrMod
  14. My favourite moment was the moment I was invited to help make Minehut Tutorials. It was certainly an honour.
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