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  1. sorry for late response, i can do an even better one: command admins [<offline player>]: permission: op trigger: if arg-1 isn't set: send "&7Current list of admins: &c%{groups::admins::*}%" else: {groups::admins::*} contains arg-1's uuid: remove arg-1's uuid from {groups::admins::*} send "&7Demoted &c%arg-1%" else: add arg-1's uuid to {groups::admins::*} send "&7Made &a%arg-1% &7admin"
  2. try debugging the variables
  3. skUnity Parser shows 0 addons
  4. ig this works on damage: victim is a wither attacker is a player attacker's tool = iron sword uncolored attacker's tool's name = "hyperion" deal (final damage/2) to the victim
  5. skUtilities can be used on 1.17, at least I used it
  6. snnwer


    send code maybe
  7. still open [i hope this gets merged]
  8. on damage: name of attacker's tool contains "Vampirism I": add 0.5 to attacker's health every second in "world": loop all players: send action bar "&c%loop-player's health%/%loop-player's max health%❤ &a{defence::%player's uuid%}❈ Defence &b{mana::%player's uuid%}/{totalmana::%player's uuid%}✎ Intelligence" to loop-player add 1 to {mana::%loop-player's uuid%} you can just shorten it into that, no need to simulate the player's health
  9. command /repairall [<text>]: permission: op trigger: loop all items in player's inventory: loop-item's durability < loop-item's max durability repair loop-item will probably work
  10. there's no player in the death/damage event, only victim/attacker there's no player in a periodical event, you're looping through the players so use loop-player you probably did a typo with loop-player's {health::%player's uuid%}
  11. make an infinity gauntlet with a full gui, a snap, all six power stones, and each power stone having at least TWO abilities accurately depicting it as if it was straight from the movie. (Ex: Time Stone, rewind time ect.)
  12. this, possibly gen skript - Script Releases - Minehut Forums
  13. bro copying somebody's skript from a thread is easy, what's not is making an automatic gen skript that can do stuff automatically and so you'll only need to write in a couple of lines of the new generators and the upgrades are done
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