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  1. What is Survive The Night? Survive The Night is Dead by Daylight re-imagined in Minecraft. 4 survivors have to uncurse 5 portal fragments before the Escape Portal has enough energy for the survivors to escape. After the portal fragments are uncursed, the survivors then have to uncorrupt the Escape Portal to escape. While doing all this, a mental killer is on the loose trying to kill them and stop them from escaping! When will it be released? Some time at the end of March. Why should I play it? All functionality on the server is through Skript. We will have multiple lobbie
  2. This is the day that Blixate will finally be the Season 4! There will be a new map, new content, and much more to come! Confirmed Content: New map (Ice map) Survive The Night (Full release!) New /store! Complete overhaul of the kit system!
  3. Put these in your title (or tags) when making a post about a specific topic [Suggestion] or tag "suggestion" : When making any type of feature suggestion for TheStreets. [Help] or tag "help" : When you need help about something. [Report] or tag "report" : When reporting a player [Appeal] or tag "appeal" : When appealing a punishment [Game] or tag "game" : When making a forums game.
  4. This is the first post on TheStreets forums! Your welcome
  5. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ -1
  6. /ban Nd_ Talking about mineplex, hypixel is where it's at m8
  7. Hey, so for whatever reason I've been looking for some documentation on Vixio (because I'm making a discord bot in Skript) and I can't seem to find something with all the commands. Can anyone help me find this documentation? Things I've tried: SkUnity (No docs) vixio.space (Down) SkriptHub.com (Doesn't have Vixio as an addon) Crowd sourcing (What im doing right now) Using existing Skripts (Doesn't have every functionality) Using Vixio's bulitin documentation (Doesn't seem to have all the functionality in it?) All I need is documentation or somewhere I ca
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