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  1. happyfone

    cool text

    you wish it ran on the minehut forums lol
  2. happyfone

    cool text

    <h1 id="heading">Happy Fone is best!</h1> <button onclick="myFunction();" class="myBtn">Nice button dude!</button> <style> .myBtn { background-color: white; opacity: 0.8; border-radius: 5px; border: none; text-align: center; padding: 10px; } body { background-color: #454545; text-align: center; font-family: verdana; } h1 { color: white; } <style> <script> function myFunction() { document.getElementById('heading').innerHTML = 'im right and u know it!'; } <script> LOL
  3. I Will create a custom discord bot for anybody (not 100's of people though) and don't ask too much because this will probably be a lot of work IF YOU WANT A DISCORD BOT REACT TO THIS POST WITH A THUMBS UP AND DM ME WHAT YOU WANT @ Happy Fone#3130 (on discord)
  4. ok.. soooo. i got the libsdisgiuses plugin and its broken all i ask is for you to add the free version of libsdiguises from Here (Jenkins website)
  5. Hey!, you should make a chat manager.
  6. Happy Fone's Command Blocker Stops players from using specific commands like: /plugins, /pl, /spawn or /list How to use: commands: /blockcmd <COMMAND> (Blocks any command) /blockedcmds (shows all blocked commands) /unblockcmd <COMMAND> (unblocks commands REQUIRES OP) permissions: happyfone.commandblocker (Allows users with permission to block commands) happyfone.commandbypass (Allows users with permission to bypass blocked commands) happyfone.listblockedcmds (Allows users with permission to see all blocked commands) unblocking commands requires /OP usage: blocking a command: /blockcmd plugins or /blockcmd gamemode unblocking a command (REQUIRES OP) : /unblockcmd plugins or /unblockcmd gamemode showing all blocked commands: /blockedcmds command-blocker.sk
  7. hello, i'm hoping you are an admin but I had an idea.. can you please add a feature where I can install plugins to my server straight from spigotmc or bukkit?
  8. why did you even post this? LMAO
  9. there is nothing you can do when this happens, the staff can only troubleshoot.
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