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  1. BanditEagle has won the VIP Giveaway. Some names aren't listed as they weren't in the club.
  2. This giveaway will close in 4 hours and all people who have joined the club & submitted their usernames will be put into a randomizer (https://www.classtools.net/random-name-picker/) and whoever gets chosen will be bought a rank and mentioned in this post stating they have won. More giveaways in the future will happen, possibly one a month, who knows?
  3. Funnily enough I am going to be introducing a fishing mechanic soon and you’ll be able to receive items for the upcoming server addition, Player Farmhouses, where each player will have access to a farmhouse which they can improve over time and upgrade certain aspects of it (such as the mining industry). However, your token enchant idea sounds really cool and I’ll consider adding it!
  4. Please don’t make troll suggestions. Topic Locked
  5. The zombies spawn on a 0.5% chance of each ore you break. Running /shop will allow you to purchase a sword and you will be able to enchant that as you would a pickaxe, but with Looting and Sharpness, which will increase your reward for killing a zombie and make it faster. Without Looting, Zombies give the same reward as coal, which is $1.
  6. Insisting Beta Release Insisting.minehut.gg » Fight against zombies, earn money & progress through the zones and become the richest player in the server! » Upgrade your item enchants and become the most powerful user in the mines! » Complete quests and earn money by completing easy tasks » Adventure deep into the cavern and make moves against minibosses in higher-levelled areas! (soon) » Work alongside other high-level players and complete boss fights (soon) » Grind your way to the top of the leaderboards Earn your position in the server's economy & leve
  7. ends in a day!! make sure you read the requirements
  8. Also keep in mind that you can't reload TuSKe scripts, rather having to run /stop and restarting your server.
  9. Ready for release- 50% off all sales for the first four days of release with coupon "NEWSTART" at checkout. Server officially opens on the 6th of April for Beta. Some features may not be present for the beta release.
  10. you will be able to when minehut updates to 1.17 (when the update actually comes out), for now you can use datapacks i think or just wait (dont ask me how to use datapacks i dont have a clue)
  11. vitalResource


    You can add administrators to your server by using the command /op [player name], or by using plugins such as Permissions Ex and adding an admin permission node to each administrative user
  12. https://forums.minehut.com/clubs/96-insisting/
  13. Leave your username [or friends username] below and I will put all names into a randomizer on the 7th of april and pick the winner. You will be mentioned in this post if you have won on the 7th, don't bother messaging me or trying to persuade me to make you win This giveaway is being hosted for the release of my server, Insisting, on the 6th of April. The giveaway will happen a day after that so members can join the game and see what it's like for themselves, and earn a potential reward out of it. Giveaway Rules: You are required to be in this club: https://forums.minehut
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