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  1. We currently have 12 servers on Minehut: Runners TIMH Proxima Parasite Tunnels Spleefs Wreckroom OGMurder Infector MSGO IDKParkour Rainchase Let us know if you would like your server to join our network!
  2. So ive been watching a lot of cryptography and such on youtube lately, and i decided to make my own little puzzle. For the first person to solve it i will *personally* buy them VIP (or give vip to a member of their choice if they choose) Anyways, heres the puzzle, the answer is a single string of characters: good luck ~Jack
  3. JackJack33

    Help Me!

    Moved to community support, please try to keep things on topic next time! Also, the easiest way to do this is to do the command `/mvm set hidden true`in the world you want to hide the prefix. ~Jack
  4. Moved to suggestions and closed, we have Essentials which does this already. Locked ~Jack
  5. Moved to Community Support, anything to do with plugins and general help with your server should go there (for future reference). As for the CratesPlus issues, im not quite sure, ill let the plugins team know and see if they can get a fix going. ~Jack
  6. Moved to Community Support, please try to stay on topic! You can find a tutorial on the Minehut youtube (https://youtube.com/minehut) on how to install plugins and other stuff for your server! ~Jack
  7. GoDead is the winner!!! You should be recieving your rank shortly
  8. JackJack33

    White list

    Moved to Community Support, please try to stay on topic! Locked Post Answered
  9. Moved to Marketplace. I know its a bit tricky whether to post it in Skript Discussion or here, but anything that involves services, jobs, etc. should be in Markeplace.
  10. Moved to Marketplace, please try to stay on topic!
  11. Moved to Community Support, please try to stay on topic!
  12. It saves every so often, but just to make sure you dont lose data I would run the command "/save-all" before leaving/restarting the server Locked Post Answered
  13. JackJack33

    Nothing works

    Moved to community support, please try to stay on topic! Run "/save-all" in game or through console and restart your server. That should install all of the plugins. Locked Post Answered
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