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  1. Honestly, there really is no definitive answer to these sort of questions. As long as a server is unique, it doesn't really matter what genre it is. Some of the best minehut servers were outstanding simply due to their uniqueness, despite that whole gamemode being made to death at the time. Such as WarMC, which was made at a time where KitPvP was the only server. Yet due to the uniqueness of the server it managed to hold onto the title of being one of the best minehut servers. The same can be said about Prisun, being made at a time of constant prison servers. Or you can do the ZannPvP approach, where you make an old server in a time where there are no other servers of the same gamemode, allowing you to stand out and stay in the top servers for a long time. Or do something completely out of the blue like Dis, Coloured, Soar, PVPCrafter or most recently, beans. Looking on all of these past servers as examples, it is safe to say that it doesn't really matter what a server is, rather it all depends on how it is made. You can have a great concept, but crappy server design will ruin the complete experience of that great concept. Likewise, you can have an average concept but with great design, you can make it into something extraordinarily rememberable.
  2. congrats on the promotion !! ♥

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      Thank you darlowe! It's been a while 😆

  3. WarMC, PvPCrafter, Dis, Flags and Prisun. CastleRealmsPvP was also nice
  4. disaster, jamespond, matrix, pixils and gamer were awesome for their time.
  5. Then vote. Someone made a reply on this thread already which pretty much proved that voting everyday can help you easily afford a monthly plan.
  6. I will need to check out PrisonsAZ then ! Also, if this the only type of servers present on minehut right now, kind of seems like a golden opportunity for someone to make a completely different style of server to blow everyone away >.>


    Ads don't make a lot of money, which is why now a lot of people who have youtube as their career, especially the more practical channels, have a patron page to help them support their growth. And besides, you said it yourself - you can get unlimited plugins if you vote every single day. Voting is a simple task and most of the time takes less than 2 minutes to do. Additionally, voting will then support minehut in return with attracting more players, and the more players minehut has means the more players that may potentially try your server.


    12 plugins and 1GB of RAM for free is still really good, especially considering the other free plans of other server hosts. Additionally, this change can help encourage players how to learn script or better yet, how to use command blocks - which is what made minehut servers shine back in 2015 and 2016. Additionally, this is still much better than what the plans were back in 2015/2016 with having 4 players max etc. You can still earn credits for free by voting, with the plans still being relatively cheap so that you can still improve your server just by voting daily. It also helps that all plugins are still free, and that ranks and server icons are pretty useless, essentially making these plans the only thing worth putting your credits towards. Regardless if you agree or disagree with the update and wish to move to a new host, you must remember that minehut offers the best thing for a server all for free, and that is a community. Now with such a large player base, it is easy for servers to get to 20 or so players to continuously be active on your server. Most brand new servers on new hosts struggle just getting an active player base of 10 people within their first few months of launch, whereas you don't need to worry about that sort of issue. tl;dr the new server plans are much better to what the server plans use to be ages ago, the plugin restriction can help encourage learning within the community to learn how to use script and command blocks to make servers as good as the servers that were back in the 2015-2018 era of minehut, additionally voting for credits can still make the plans easily affordable, and that moving to a new host because of these restrictions is just dumb because minehut has already guaranteed your server an efficient playerbase, which is something all other server hosts fail to have.
  9. To keep things easy, if you wish to see how I write my reviews for servers check out my previous review thread in my post history. Anyways, what's up guys and gals, I'm your host DARLOWE and today I'll be doing the first thread in Quarantine Reviews! Quarantine Reviews are server reviews, done by me, for you, during this time of uncertainty. Let's get started!! PhaseMines - owned by exploding_tnt1 - 70% PhaseMines is one of the many new prison servers to be released during this new generation of prison servers that have swept through the network. Unlike most prison servers out and about on in the server-verse, this prison server has an unexpected charm in some form of nostalgia, in particular the prison servers that use to do dominate Minecraft servers back in 2014. The server has been well developed, with relevant plugins establishing the foundations and mechanics that the server runs smoothly on, with the addition of some custom skripts here and there. The community and aesthetic of the server is similar with the level of development, in the sense that it runs nicely and smoothly with little issues going on. Much like prison servers back in those days, the server includes a mine for every rank available, with the option to prestige and gain a small perk for doing so. The builds present on the server aren't anything to be blown away by, but the structures in the server are well built and help the prison run smoothly. It's also a nice addition to have the option to buy cosmetics, meaning you don't just grind for ranking up and equipment enchants which seems to be the only thing on most servers. RealmsPR (Season 1) - owned by Underscore, '*Cal' and '*Roughly' - 83% Similar to PhaseMines, RealmsPR is another prison server that has blown up from the new wave of prison servers that now hold large a presence among the top minehut servers. Again, similar to PhaseMines, RealmsPR also has their own charm and aesthetic that is present throughout the server. The server offers two public mines which are used for all ranks, with more mines opening up for prestige rankings and donation rankings. It's an odd choice to have, especially when the prices for selling blocks is similar to prices that would be seen in the 'OP' prison generation that dominated both minehut and Minecraft servers around 2016 and 2017. This does cause an issue with the economy, with getting to high ranks and prestige ranks easily. However, as there is a very minimal amount of mines present within the server, it has allowed for extra work and detail to be applied to both the builds and development of the server. The builds are fantastic and look top notch, effortlessly letting the server shine out of the crowd of other prison servers. Additionally, despite the issues that can arise from the economy, the development of the server is identical to the building of the server, in the sense that care and detail were a dominant concern during the birth of the server. The way the server operates its economy is a pretty cool and new thing, and also the custom enchants are also pretty sweet. Now it's time to come to a close for the time being, but don't worry!! More content will be coming soon!!
  10. had a discord going for a bit, think everyone was just too busy with other things for it to actually work well for more than a few weeks.
  11. For anyone who doesn't know, I'm reviewing with a simple rubric that I used back for the reviews in 2017, which has 5 categories with each category having 20 points up for grabs, meaning that there is a total score of 100. Here's a tl;dr version of it in list form. I just found a real cringey document from 2 years ago explaining it and am happy to share if people want it. Appearance: the visuals of the server, such as how eye hurty things are. It's the overall appeal of the server, such as wanting to join it. Builds: self explanatory. The builds of the server. Community (Social-sphere): The behaviour of the community and staff, like toxicity levels. Customisation/development: How well developed a server is, and how it is developed (is it custom? etc.) Originality/Uniqueness: How different the concept of the server, or how unique features are of the server The following servers that are reviewed were the top of the server list for my timezone. Server: Bedr0ckPvP Owner: Laamaz Score: 70% As the name suggests, this PvP server is heavily based around bedrock - specifically inside it. The whole arena is just the inside of a huge world edited arena with bedrock being the only block in these borders. Inside the arena the only structures are multiple medium-sized mining areas of numerous crafting materials to try and get better gear. This concept of progression in PvP based servers became popular by the iconic beans server from 2 years ago. The development is minimal, but complimentary to the calming atmosphere of the server. Though the builds aren't great, and the development isn't by any means mind blowing, the real charm of this server is the community that it has. Very rare is it for a minehut server to have a nice laid back atmosphere with a community that reflects this. There is always a sense of fun and fairness, but still with the security of maturity. This truly is a nice hangout server for minehut players. On a random sidenote, the /faq command is an awesome quality of life feature. Server: fclick Owner: f78 Score: 70% The next big clicker server for minehut, but this time actually done right! The community, like Bedr0ckPvP, is mostly a nice calm one to just come and hangout and chill on it. That said, as this a clicker server you'll get the occasional little kid come on and set the chat on fire with caps or some other form, but they're shut down pretty quick. The atmosphere of this server is perfectly reflected upon by the builds of the server. The spawn area is a nicely decorated cave inside an island, and upon exiting the cave you see the nice structures all around the spawn; providing players the opportunity to explore as they click their time away to get more currency. This leads towards the true gem of the server, which is the development of the server. The server runs on a custom skript which has been beautifully crafted for a very nice player experience. The prestiges are a nice touch for replayability in a server gametype where replayability heavily lacks in. The other gem of this server is the minigames that can happen on the server. I only got the chance to play the spleef, and that minigame was nicely developed and very fun. It's 12 in the morning and am pretty tired rn. These were the 2 top servers at the time I so reviewed them. Idk I can do more if people want to later on down the road.
  12. This server already looks incredible.

    Do you remember...

    Woops my bad. Also cannot wait! we just need another big drama and should be fine
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