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  1. had a discord going for a bit, think everyone was just too busy with other things for it to actually work well for more than a few weeks.
  2. For anyone who doesn't know, I'm reviewing with a simple rubric that I used back for the reviews in 2017, which has 5 categories with each category having 20 points up for grabs, meaning that there is a total score of 100. Here's a tl;dr version of it in list form. I just found a real cringey document from 2 years ago explaining it and am happy to share if people want it. Appearance: the visuals of the server, such as how eye hurty things are. It's the overall appeal of the server, such as wanting to join it. Builds: self explanatory. The builds of the server. Community (Social-sphere): The behaviour of the community and staff, like toxicity levels. Customisation/development: How well developed a server is, and how it is developed (is it custom? etc.) Originality/Uniqueness: How different the concept of the server, or how unique features are of the server The following servers that are reviewed were the top of the server list for my timezone. Server: Bedr0ckPvP Owner: Laamaz Score: 70% As the name suggests, this PvP server is heavily based around bedrock - specifically inside it. The whole arena is just the inside of a huge world edited arena with bedrock being the only block in these borders. Inside the arena the only structures are multiple medium-sized mining areas of numerous crafting materials to try and get better gear. This concept of progression in PvP based servers became popular by the iconic beans server from 2 years ago. The development is minimal, but complimentary to the calming atmosphere of the server. Though the builds aren't great, and the development isn't by any means mind blowing, the real charm of this server is the community that it has. Very rare is it for a minehut server to have a nice laid back atmosphere with a community that reflects this. There is always a sense of fun and fairness, but still with the security of maturity. This truly is a nice hangout server for minehut players. On a random sidenote, the /faq command is an awesome quality of life feature. Server: fclick Owner: f78 Score: 70% The next big clicker server for minehut, but this time actually done right! The community, like Bedr0ckPvP, is mostly a nice calm one to just come and hangout and chill on it. That said, as this a clicker server you'll get the occasional little kid come on and set the chat on fire with caps or some other form, but they're shut down pretty quick. The atmosphere of this server is perfectly reflected upon by the builds of the server. The spawn area is a nicely decorated cave inside an island, and upon exiting the cave you see the nice structures all around the spawn; providing players the opportunity to explore as they click their time away to get more currency. This leads towards the true gem of the server, which is the development of the server. The server runs on a custom skript which has been beautifully crafted for a very nice player experience. The prestiges are a nice touch for replayability in a server gametype where replayability heavily lacks in. The other gem of this server is the minigames that can happen on the server. I only got the chance to play the spleef, and that minigame was nicely developed and very fun. It's 12 in the morning and am pretty tired rn. These were the 2 top servers at the time I so reviewed them. Idk I can do more if people want to later on down the road.
  3. This server already looks incredible.

    Do you remember...

    Woops my bad. Also cannot wait! we just need another big drama and should be fine

    Do you remember...

    MCWar... still one of, if not, the best servers ever on minehut after the kingdoms period. Was a truly game-changing server for minehut back then, likewise with DesolateRPG from those early days. Been waiting for a huge "Gaminger" for almost a year now.

    Forum Ranks

    They're called donator ranks for a reason. They're only purpose was to be a donation. Should be thankful they have something at all I guess.
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