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  1. I have turned 21, for the next 365 days... my life is a meme, god help me.

  2. Vek404

    A Good Start?

    What I mean is make it a Survival to build up a community, then as time goes, make it into a better server, but still having that community.
  3. Vek404

    A Good Start?

    You can build up a pretty good following on your server with the right touch. Some good plugins; code, builds, ideas and little objectives to keep players entertained, and keep them coming back to the server. I hear a lot though, that people don't know where to start. In your opinion, would Survival be a good start? Then move on to other gamemodes/ideas? Allowing players to go about as they please and build up that community before throwing, just a heap of information with a new gamemode, map and rules? What do you think?
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