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  1. Ok, just /OP (Your Username) In the server's console. Install the Plugin - Luckperms and get sufficient with it
  2. # Autobroadcast created by ThePureEye # Any attempts to steal code will be reported immediaetly. #You can change the prefix below to anything you'd like. Options: prefix1: &e&lInfo every 40 real minutes: chance of 50%: make console execute command "abc1" stop chance of 50%: make console execute command "abc2" stop chance of 50%: make console execute command "abc3" stop command /abc1: executable by: console trigger: broadcast "&7&m---------------{@prefix1
  3. Hello! My name is Infiniticy, and I'm back! I've finally returned to Minehut after a much needed break. I came back to restart an old project and give it a much needed revamp; Frosty-Idle. However, I cam back to my entire server having been destroyed by the new limits imposed on Minehut servers i.e (10 slots, and 12 plugins) It removed most of my plugins, and world. So not much can be salvaged and I'm not going to entirely recreate it due to the fact that it would take too much time, especially because of the World creation, and the plugins we'd have to skript. I am however here to announc
  4. You can use my Autobroadcast script I've released on Minehut.
  5. Yo I need a rankup gui SKRIPT so like, you pay to rankup.

  6. Information: Hello! My name is Pure. I'm a skripter that likes to create cores apparently. I hope everyone likes it. All commands were tested, and do work. Permissions are listed in the .sk Features: Block regeneration (Updated) Auto Broadcaster Report System Ban // Warn System Staff Commands Anti Swear Requirements: Skript Common Sense SkyMining Core.sk
  7. Frosty-Idle Hello! I’m Infiniticy. One of the Founders of Frosty-Idle. I’m here to introduce our Revamp premiere. I’m glad to announce that we have implemented quests, bosses, and a new system that will surely give you something to do. We plan on beginning daily updates and look forward to working alongside the community to make new and exciting changes/updates to the server. We look forward to seeing everyone on when we release. About Us: We’re a duo of Developers that has been looking to shove time into our project. We’ve been on Minehut for close to a year now
  8. We've made some updates; bosses have now been placed on islands, and more black market dealers are hidden around the map.
  9. Hello! My name is Infiniticy. I am here looking to help the community out by offering my services. You can contact me through Discord; Pure#3297. Services: - Discord Setup - Server Setup - Management - GFX/Server Logo - Skripts/Custom Features Information: All payment will be sent through Paypal F&F. Please note that any and all payments made will be used to help my own project; Frosty-Idle. I'd also like to say that my services are cheaper than most you can find on MC-Market.
  10. Welcome to Prison Rankup a list of all commands can be found below, as well as requirements. Features: -/Eff - Efficiency upgrade - /For - Fortune upgrade -/Unb - Unbreaking upgrade - /Ranks - Displays the current ranks - /Blocks - It counts how many blocks you've broken! - Each rank has their own command. Please note that this was made for an OLD server, those looking for this script can use it, as it can work universally. I will however be doing some re-scripting for the people that pay $1.50 This will allow you to have an entirely custom rankup system built around
  11. This is apart of my core; Wild.sk
  12. This was apart of my core; ReportSystem.sk
  13. This was apart of my core: Antiswear.sk
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