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  1. This is actually really cool
  2. +1 rep this guy is amazing, helped out with my server a lot.
  3. thanks could you do same for blocks? We have coal, coal blocks, stone, cobblestone, diamond ore, diamond blocks, emerald ore, emerald blocks, gold ore and gold blocks, thank you so much
  4. level up skript for sky mining / sky prison servers please
  5. Very Toxic. Do not understand how this guy is staff.
  6. I have a sky prison server / sky mining and pvp server and i really need a rankup skript so if anyone has one please could you send it to me thanks!
  7. I am honestly not sure, are you dev if so my server is /join UkMines if you could come and check it out and tell me what to do. Also if you know luck perms how do i give default access to /kit Starter?
  8. Hello, I am looking for a free skymining / prison server skript. thanks!
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