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  1. Actually, thanks for the advice. Our definitions for a report system seem to differ, however. The not testing my skripts is accurate for this particular skript, but as for all my other work, it has been tested and perfected. I will fixing these errors today and relaunching the skript with a full recoding. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Hello! My name is Infin, Founder & CEO of Infinti Productions. (We're a small freelancing company starting up) I've made this for a smaller server, and remade it with the information you can change in the configuration. Simple enough, I'll be updating this script periodically, or if requested enough. I read the comments frequently, if there are any bugs please contact me on discord Infiniticy#0001. Or respond with a screenshot in the comments. This script offers: - Anti swear (Basic) - /Discord - /Website - Custom /Help - Join / Leave messages - Report System - Autobroadcast System InferiumLite.sk
  3. 「𝓕𝓻𝓸𝓼𝓽𝔂-𝓘𝓭𝓵𝓮 」⟶ Season 2 ⟵ —————————————————————————————————————— Season 2 Welcome everyone to Season 2 of Frosty. We're so happy to be back on the server. The discord is currently the same, our donation store is just being constructed, please allow us some time to prepare it. We've made some adjustments for our staff scripts, as well as some player scripts to make the game a little bit easier. —————————————————————————————————————— We've fixed multiple problems with shop, and have finally perfected our fortune for the pickaxes. New warps has been added with themed places, and new traders! We're currently opened and ready for those to have a fun experience. Do /Join Frosty-Idle or connect to the IP FrostyIdle.Minehut.gg We hope to see everyone there! ——————————————————————————————————————
  4. I feel you brother, I will end up on this list as well, along with Arcanical.
  5. These skripts were for free, but ya know, if you guys wanna pay you're more than welcome
  6. Thank you, we decided Idle mainly because of the things we could build off with it. We coded our /Idle, we've made many changes to the islands, with adding new traders and secretive weapons, etc. We're now coding a /shop so that way players will have something to do with the abundant money they can make. We encourage pvp, even so far as I'm working on a Kill-top plugin, with basic money rewards for killing a person whilst out mining for upgrades. We give our players prime access. Our staff will not be playing after they achieve the Mod+ rank (Still 1 rank below Administration) With this, we can guarantee an abuse free environment for all players alike. We've made a discord where members can express their thoughts on the server and how we can improve it. We really are trying to make this work, but with all the negativity surrounding us, it's been rather difficult to ascend. So thanks for the support, even if you don't think Idle servers are much fun, I appreciate you at least trying to alleviate some of the tension around us. - Sincerely, Infiniticy
  7. If YOU don't like it DON'T use it. Simple. This was requested by a user, I released HIS skript I made him.
  8. Good lord, it was an entire 4 version back. smh
  9. No damage is done at all, but thanks for showing me this. I released the broken version of the skript, instead of it's finished state. My bad.
  10. Good god, some people need help. I'm going to simplify this even more for you "TacticalModz" this skript is designed for lockdown purposes. IT EVEN HAS LOCKDOWN IN THE TITLE. This skript serves it's purpose. So don't come bash it just because you can't read.
  11. Added Cooldown! (You can also re download the one up top.) Report.sk
  12. Simple minded, I swear. Custom currency, you'd have to see to understand what I meant. If you don't want to join, don't. But don't trash it on this forums post. You said list UNIQUE to MY server that the OTHER Idlers have not had. So, don't be an utter idiot and respond with negative remarks when you have not even been to Frosty. The fact that I even have to put this hear really tells me something about this community.
  13. I thought It did have a cooldown, my bad. Let me add that real fast.
  14. 1. Custom Scripts: (Scoreboard, Regeneration Ore, Information to players) 2. Custom Enchants (Neither of them have this) (This is also a upcoming feature with our large content update dropping soon) 3. Upgrading // Tier System (Traders) 4. Bounty 5. Custom currency 6. Can't say yet, it's still unreleased. 7. Functional/Capable Staff 8. Playervaults 9. Auction's 10. Quests (Still being worked on) 11. Decent Anticheat 12. Hidden Treasure Traders 13. Trading (/trade) 14. Huge Map I don't really want to say anything more because the plans we have for the server still aren't complete. We're in our BETA stages of production, and still have much MUCH more to be added/created.
  15. We're not just an Idler, we offer many other features. Also, umining9, and Idlers both got it all wrong. Let us do it right.
  16. Don't like it, don't play it. It's simple.
  17. Hello! My name is Infiniticy, Owner & Founder of Frosty-Idle. I'm a skripter looking for work. If you'd like to contact me about "hiring" me to create a skript for you, add me on discord ThePureEye#8156
  18. Permissions: Punish.use Dependencies: AdvancedBan, Skript, TusKe, and Common sense. Commands: /Punish (player) FrostyPunish.sk
  19. Hello! My name is Infiniticy, developer of this SKRIPT. I hope everyone enjoys my Core for their own survival/faction/hcf server. We offer many features, just take a look down below!My latest works have proven to be successful, we've added many features listed below. I've created 50+ commands in hopes to help whoever downloads my core. I'm just hoping for credit and feedback from the community to help me further my core.- Custom Commands- Adjustable Options- Easy to use- Punishment System- Warp System- Report system- Autobroadcast system- Emoji Chat- Clear chat- Moderator Mode (/Mod)- Staff Chat- Easily configurable commandsDiscord: ThePureEye#8156YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqAf3wWqRGhegUHLobmwrng- Skript- Common Sense update (1).sk
  20. Just change the time, this legit is so simple. Just replace the "40" with whatever you want. Autobroadcast.sk
  21. Simple report sys. /Report To see reports - Reports.see Report.sk
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