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  1. you still exist or make skripts

  2. You shouldn't post in month old topics. @Untreated
  3. First off, You can report problems here, Secondly. I am pretty sure that you need to use something called. Multiverse Void generation.
  4. You can also make it so that your server does not show up in the lists of player servers.
  5. Forum game Make a story about Trent one word at a time ======================================= Rules: Nothing not related to Trent, because I said so and I will be mad. ======================================== I'll Start Trent
  6. You first need to install a virus on your computer called "youtubesber" and there you go How do I commit having friends
  7. *ahem* ..... ready? .. .Your blinks get removed from your memory.
  8. Its my website being updated.
  9. ChilkinsJr

    New Update

    Sky-Skript Has finally updated! I know it has been a long time since we updated, but we added so many things! We have more skripts, new forums website, new website hosting, new staff, new pages, and So much more! You can now also become a patron by going to the pricing page in the navbar. We tried to make the prices as responsible as we could, but if you think it should be a bit lower please contact us in the feedback widget on the middle-left. While you're at it, please check out Minehut.xyz and Skript.live. If you can please sign up for the contact form, we are going to start givin
  10. 500 Server Error Oops Something went wrong
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