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    If Minehut let you edit the server.properties file, you could change the max players and stuff without paying for it. You can change some of the server properties under the Settings tab.
  2. Minehut doesn't let you use mods but you can use Spigot plugins. Minehut also doesn't let you change the server version but you can let clients with older versions join with ProtocolSupport or ViaVersion I think.
  3. I started up my server and all the plugin configs were wiped. This notably included the Skript config, the Skript variables file, and all my scripts. I have my scripts backed up but not my variables. I restarted the server and the skript variables are back but a lot of other things are still missing.
  4. I think that, while I understand that Minehut is growing and they need revenue from somewhere, I think the 12 plugin limit is far too harsh. I would like to offer my suggestions to a modification to the 12 plugin limit on free servers. Some plugins, such as Skript addons, ProtocolLib, Vault, and maybe some other's that are basically mandatory. Alternatively, a system where all Skript addons along with Skript count as only 1 plugin, as Skript is just about useless without addons. Datapacks should be easier to use so people can replace some of the plugins can have their f
  5. If you're going to limit plugins, I think you should at least exempt dependency plugins or plugins that are effectively mandatory if you install another plugin like Skript addons, ProtocolLib, or Vault.
  6. Looking through my scripts folder and finding old scripts that were quite useful to me and would be useful to other people. If you want a quick way to edit signs, here you go. Wrote this pretty quickly a long time ago. Pretty useful, hope you find it useful too. options: perm: cheez.signedit command /signedit <Number> [<Text=" ">]: aliases: /editsign, /modifysign, /modsign permission: {@perm} permission message: §cYou require {@perm} permission to use this command! trigger: if arg-1 is set:
  7. 2019-11-23 13-56-00.mp4 I have access to lobby commands and to commands on my server.
    its gonna be amazing
    It's gonna be so fun
  8. so much sadness
  9. Is there? The only way I can think of dong this is to delete the whole folder which I don't want to do.
  10. While I recommend reading and watching the links in Clarifity's reply, you could also read PEX's GitHub wiki here. The wiki might take a while to read so I can give you a few steps for making a simple rank. The following plugins are required: PEX, EssentialsChat, Vault Go to your server console and input the following command: pex user <Your Player Name> add * (This allows you to execute the pex commands in-game) In-game, use the command /pex group <Group Name> create e.g: /pex group Lvl2 create Use command /pex group <Group Name> prefix <
  11. When did you notice that everything was reset and when was the last time everything was intact? Minehut recently had two data breaches in which many players' servers were deleted. This post should also belong in community support.
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