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Found 19 results

  1. Jutou - Report Format Player Report : Your IGN : Their IGN : Reason of Report : Evidence : Bug Report : Your IGN : Whats the bug : Any screenshots :
  2. So i was just skripting and that and like the control panel started not to load anything so im stuck on the minehut logo loading but it does nothing but spin around
  3. Just visited Trents minehut profile, his birthday is in like 16 days and he will be turning 26! <------ see?! We need to do something to celebrate or something, like saying a public happy birthday on his feed or forcing the minehut staff by manipulating them through our mafia ties to do something cool! any ideas?
  4. No Adult Content No Swearing No Bullying No Name calling No Impersonating Rules will be updated as needed. When they are updated, you agree to the most current version!
  5. An issue with idler. Bots spamming in chat and /msg I dont care who is botting or how they are doing it, just suspend the server.
  6. About this forum The suggestions forum is a way for us (the developers) to listen to your ideas and decide if it's a good addition to the server. Remember that suggestions are just an idea thrown at us, your suggestion may not be accepted, your suggestion may be changed, many things can happen with your suggestion. Just keep in mind that we are open to all changes you might want to make. Format Username: (Your in-game name) Issue: (The bug within the server) Details: (What the bug does, how it affects the server and how to replicate it) If you're ready to submit your bug report, click here https://forums.minehut.com/forum/134-bug-reports/
  7. About this forum The suggestions forum is a way for us (the developers) to listen to your ideas and decide if it's a good addition to the server. Remember that suggestions are just an idea thrown at us, your suggestion may not be accepted, your suggestion may be changed, many things can happen with your suggestion. Just keep in mind that we are open to all changes you might want to make. Format Username: (Your in-game name in case we feel like credit is necessary) Suggestion: (Your general idea) Details: (How your idea changes beans and what can result from it) If you're ready to suggest your idea to us, click here https://forums.minehut.com/forum/133-suggestions/
  8. Okay so i started my server up and i joined it. Then i was looking at plugins and after that the server just crashed. I didn't install anything i was just looking at plugins see what i can use and also all other minehut servers are crashing too. Since trent updated servers to paper its now causing servers to crash for no reason Please fix this, I just want to work on my server! ~TacticalModz
  9. Hello! We thank you for your time and consideration to apply to the Deny staff team. Before you proceed with your application, please read the following. Expectations -Must have Moderation experience. -Must have a microphone. -Must be 13 years or older to apply. -Must not have a major punishment history on either Deny or Minehut. -Must be somewhat mature. -If you are caught lying in your application, you may be denied from future applications. -Must have at least 250 words in your application. -Don't complain about your results. -Don't have answers like "I like to ban hackers". -If you get denied, you may reapply in the next 5 days. Application Format Minecraft Username: Discord Tag (Ex, Person#0000): Age: Timezone: How much time can you contribute to Deny? What made you choose to apply here? What experience have you had on servers being a staff member, and what was your role? Have you been punished on any server in the past? Scenarios It's your first week as a Junior Moderator and bots start to raid the server, what do you do? You see a staff member with a higher ranking than you abusing their power, how would you handle this situation? Someone is abusing glitches, how would you handle this? Someone is spamming the N word in chat, which punishment would you give the user and what reason would be for the punishment? Optional Anything else you would like add? Once submitting an application, you automatically agree to the terms above.
  10. Hello! We are glad you are interested in applying for UltraGamin. To proceed click here.
  11. Report Format Report a user here. Supply evidence Do not lie Do not exaggerate USER REPORTING REASON EVIDENCE
  12. Appeal Format Appeal for your ban. Do not lie in the appeal. Specify your ban reason fully USERNAME WHY WERE YOU BANNED WHY WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE UNBANNED WILL YOU BREAK ANY RULES AGAIN BAN LENGTH
  13. Application Rules Breaking these rules will result in a denial. Do not forge another application. Do not copy and paste random applications from the internet. Applications must be 150+ words. Applications must be detailed. Answer ALL questions. Don’t rush it. Good luck.
  14. Events Suggestions Obviously Events are one of the things we all look forward to. We're always looking for new ideas to put into future events, so if you have any feel free to let us know here. Please don't purposely suggestion things that have already been suggested or are currently planned.
  15. When reporting a player or staff member, make sure you follow the report format listed below. Remember that all movement and combat related hacks requires video evidence. Chat offenses is just fine with a screenshot, as long as it isn't cropped or edited. User Name - Offense - Evidence -
  16. When appealing an active punishment, you must have the following. Minecraft Username: Type of punishment (Mute/Ban): Punishment Reason: Was your punishment fair? (If it was unfair, please include any sort of evidence and tell us why it was not fair and why we should unpunish you): Note: Please do not ask staff to review your appeal. If you ask staff to review an appeal you will get automatically denied. If your appeal gets denied, you may reappeal in 5 days.
  17. When reporting a user, please include the following. Player's IGN: Reason: Evidence:
  18. When appealing for a punishment, make sure you follow the appeal format listed below. Please do not ask any staff members to read your appeal otherwise your appeal may result in an instant denial. Username: What punishment did you receive: Was the punishment fair: Why should you be unpunished: What were the events that led to your punishment: Additional comments: If you appeal gets denied, you are allowed to appeal again 2 weeks after the denial message has been sent by a staff member.
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