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  1. im on the list twice like ik u love me ryan but like fr all this heat makin me feel like the sun owo
  2. Archur

    Donor Lobby

    You are probably right but most ppl buy ranks because they want those perks and are usually disappointed to find out you don't get much out of it
  3. Archur

    Donor Lobby

    Donor Lobby Proposal (NOT ORIGINALLY MY IDEA) Many of us donators agree that we really don't get too much out of our donation. All we get are a few cosmetics, the tag and /elytra, which really isn't much if you think about it. In the past, MH used to have it so that you had to donate to get more player slots, and only donators could fly. Considering this most likely wont happen, what else can we do to enjoy the fact that we donated money to MH? This is where the Donor Lobby comes in A donator exclusive lobby would probably be a simple solution to this problem, as it won't be that big of a deal to implement. A donor only lobby would allow Donators to chat with each other without the annoying spam-advertising defaults. I would think that most default players wouldn't mind there being a donor lobby, since there are still the other lobbies they can advertise and chat in. So why don't we have one already? Personally, I don't see any downsides to this as most donators are unlikely to be spam-advertisers or people who would spam the n word in these lobbies. If you agree with this, give it a like and comment your opinions on it
  4. Archur


    wtf was I on when I wrote this
  5. Archur


    Yeet/To Yeet verb. Present Tense I yote You yote He/She/They yote We yote Past Tense I yoted You yoted He/She/They yoted We yoted Future Tense Simply add "Will" to the present form of Yeet and replace "yote" with "yeet" Example: I yote + will + yeet = I will yeet Information about Yeet The verb Yeet is usually misused. The common misuse of Yeet is in the present and past tenses. Generally, people tend to say "I yeet" or "I yeeted" This is incorrect and informal. Other uses of Yeet Simply saying yeet when you jump off something or throw something Just saying yeet because yeet A greeting used in cults Annoying people When your friend says something awkward and you don't know what to say so you just say yeet. (We all been there fam) Examples of Yeet I am gonna yeet myself off a cliff Prepare to be yoted I will yote you Roses are red, Memes are neat, I wanna die, lmao yeet To those who take this seriously: Dear human, shut up its a joke lol yeet
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