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  1. Update UhcCore to its latest version (1.18.1) that provides support for 1.16. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/uhccore-automated-uhc-for-minecraft-1-8-8-1-16.47572/updates
  2. update orebfuscator to this forked version https://github.com/TeamWuffy/Orebfuscator (current version https://github.com/lishid/Orebfuscator is not 1.15 compatible)
  3. The current version of Phat Loots is out of date. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/phatloots-loot-tables-conditions-block-loots-mob-drops-1-13-1-15.68925/
  4. Double check that the server is whitelisted. /whitelist on If the server was whitelisted, one of the whitelisted users likely griefed the server themselves. Make sure everyone on /whitelist list is trusted.
  5. Read this article and look into getting this Flashback Removal Tool.
  6. AttendantFox

    Skin Problem

    Are you playing on Bedrock edition? There is a bug where Java players only see Bedrock players' skins as steve/alex.
  7. Double check that you're running this command ingame: /gamerule keepInventory false This applies only to the world you're in.
  8. AttendantFox


    You cannot delete a server, but you can rename and reset it.
  9. AttendantFox


    Glad I could help.
  10. Double check the command you're running in the server console. It should be this: op CreperBoss
  11. You cannot do this on Minehut.
  12. AttendantFox


    Try running the following command in your server console again. gamerule randomTickSpeed 3
  13. A light theme is supposed to be like that
  14. Backdoor Flashback is a trojan horse (malware). Make sure you have antivirus software if you don't already. In the future, only download Minecraft from the official, trusted site, minecraft.net (this goes for any downloading-only trusted sites).
  15. Any ETA on the backup system in the panel?
  16. I don't think a plugin that has been known to have issues in the past and causes some important game mechanics to change should be installed on every server automatically.
  17. AttendantFox

    Oi, mods!

    Tell them to appeal their ban by going here.
  18. Minehut is an online network, so you cannot join with a cracked account. Make sure it's migrated and whatnot. Also try restarting your MC and see if that helps.
  19. You could set up a script where if they join their inventories are cleared.
  20. Resetting your password shouldn't delete your servers; make sure your old server wasn't deleted (check the dropdown menu at the top right). If your problem is persisting, I recommend you contact support here. They are most likely to help you in account issues.
  21. It sounds like you're advocating for more RAM instead of more player slots. Anyways, 1 GB is more than enough to run a server (Minehut offers much more RAM than other hosting platforms for its cost). If you're having issues running your server with Essentials and scripts, there must be an issue on your end eating up all the RAM.
  22. This feature is planned if I'm aware.
  23. It's planned: Trent is planning to hash IPs (assign each real IP to a unique, hashed IP) so servers can accurately IP ban and users can protect their IPs. It's the best of both worlds.
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