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  1. Hello, This section is appeals for Warzone punishments. Warzone is a server on Minehut. Your mute was issued on a Minehut lobby. If you would like to appeal your mute, please do so here. Thank you.
  2. I clicked expecting a full length essay or documentary explaining all of the nooks and crannies related to the legend of the plugin I was wrong, and let down at that
  3. On my appeal i was talking about the ban application not the vpn application ..... also once again my main account is not Zurkis and my discord name is not Zurkis as i stated in the appeal i did not feel comfortable giving out in fear of discrimination like contribe has received 

  4. Hey there, The general sub forum is used for general discussion related to the server only. If you would like to appeal a punishment, please do so here. This post will be locked to prevent any further replies.
  5. Hey there, I've gone ahead and moved the topic to the correct subforum for you, but for future reference, please use https://forums.minehut.com/forum/20-plugins/ for any plugin addition/update suggestions. Thank you!
  6. Hello, In order to join your server on Pocket/Bedrock Edition, you first need to connect to bedrock.minehut.com then type /join <server name> once your server is online. If you need any more help, please use this subforum for any further inquiries. Thank you.
  7. with the amount of people saying warzone I think it's time for a revival hmm
  8. Mod: Tqnk (also known as bot) Senior mod: Raptor Junior mod: idk I guess draem
  9. most in one world= 1 double chest of diamonds most in one session/uhc=43 (found a fortune III book in a dungeon) most in one vein= 15 (chunk border, 2 veins)
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