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  1. with the amount of people saying warzone I think it's time for a revival hmm
  2. Mod: Tqnk (also known as bot) Senior mod: Raptor Junior mod: idk I guess draem
  3. most in one world= 1 double chest of diamonds most in one session/uhc=43 (found a fortune III book in a dungeon) most in one vein= 15 (chunk border, 2 veins)
  4. wait why does your signature say that you "resigned" from warzone junior mod
  5. Sup What kind of tools do you use for your screenshares?
  6. Sqyid

    Ban Appeal

    The general category is reserved for general discussion related to Minehut only. In order to appeal a punishment, please fill out this form here. Thank you.
  7. sick scenes might have to contact a certain warzone legend for the writing comp if you know, you know
  8. That's just a visual bug, sometimes VIP ranked players load in a bit bugged and the glow is white- you can see in tab that some usernames are loaded in as white as well. Could be a version specific bug, but it's not really a special rank or anything intended.
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