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  1. Welcome to the forums!
  2. I think Kailum is a good staff member, nice guy he is.
  3. ESSENTIAL INFORMATION What is your minecraft username? Kailum What is your discord tag? (e.g Criticyl#0869) Kailum#0184 How old are you? 16 years of age. What is your timezone? EST. GENERAL QUESTIONS Why did you choose to apply for a staff position on Ruin and not elsewhere? I have chosen to apply for Ruin because it sounds like a cool server idea and I'd love to help out with Moderation. Since you guys needed staff, I chose to take the chance cause it's better to try than missing out on the opportunity. What makes you stand out over other applicants? I know when to be both patient and polite when absolutely necessary. As being a part of the Minehut Staff Team, knowing how to control yourself is a very important skill. You have to always remain calm even in heated situations where you're being spammed hateful comments by users, while you also need to know how to handle the situation in a professional manner. While I'm obviously not saying other applicants who have chosen to apply for this position are unprofessional and rude, I'm just saying that there are applicants who may not have enough of these skills and end up in heat with another user when being spammed hate. Do you have any previous experience as a staff member? If so, explain where you were staff what your role was as a staff member. I have many experiences of being staff on servers, the experience I am most proud of though is being a Staff Member on Minehut. It's been an awesome experience being staff on Minehut, I've gotten to make new friends out of it and it is just awesome being a part of Moderation on the server I was actively playing on since 2015. My current role on Minehut is being a Senior Moderator, as a Senior Moderator I run the Reports/Appeals Team in which our goal is to respond to reports/appeals as quick as can be. How many hours on a day to day basis can you commit to Ruin? I could dedicate 1 hour a day to ruin. Have you had any punishments on Ruin or any other server? If so, why? Back in early 2017 Minehut, the old punishment system involved the use of a warn system. I was warned for spamming by a Moderator at the time with the name of MatrixTunnel. Ever since I was warned, I was never been punished on Minehut. SCENARIOS Somebody asks how to play. What do you tell them? There is most likely a command for a tutorial in which I would tell them to do that command however, the server isn't fully released yet therefore I do not know so if not, then I would tell them myself how to play the server. Somebody asks for levels, what do you tell them? I would get them to stop asking for levels, however, the in game rules on the Discord do not specify if this is against the rules so I am assuming that in this case it's about using common sense. Somebody spams racial slurs. What do you do. I would permanently mute the user. Somebody blatantly cheats, what do you do? I would get my recording software out, then I would permanently ban the blatant cheater.
  4. This is my second introduction post on this forums, I realized that my last introduction took place while I was still a Junior Moderator so let me re-introduce myself. Hello! My name is Kailum and I am a Senior Moderator for Minehut. I lead the Minehut Reports/Appeals Team in which our goal is to make sure both reports and appeals are responded to as quickly as possible. If you ever have any questions related to reports or appeals, feel free to dm me on Discord @Kailum#0184 or hit me with a message on the forums. My time on the staff team has been quite an interesting one so far and I have to say that it is one of the most amazing experiences that I've ever received. I'm quite known for having this one simple post on forums gg that got popular within the next month. Fun fact: I had one of the longest Junior Moderator trials on Minehut with a length of 3 months. I then joined the rest of my fellow trial members who passed their trial a month before me on July 28th in becoming a full-time Moderator. On September 1st, the current Reports/Appeals Team Manager at the time @_Gingey_, stepped down from his position and in replacement to him, I was promoted to Senior Moderator. Myself and everyone else on the staff team thank him for all his services on the team, he has inspired me to do many great things as a staff member as well as a Senior Moderator. Have any more questions about me? Feel free to ask in reply to this post
  5. this post says to not react thou-
  6. Were first to say no to locking my post on forumsgg and now you are the first to reply to this post, nice...
  7. Ah yes, alternative post of Lock this post. The memory of Lock this post will forever be with all of us. Question is, shall I lock this post? Nahh
  8. You read the title, this is the sequel to my old post about a year back but yeah rules are simple. DON'T REPLY TO THIS POST
  9. I mean I don't want to but.... you didn't lock my post a few months back soooo I might have to do it
  10. If you decide to report a user that is breaking our server rules, please consider the following below. Keep in mind that creating a false/joke report may result in banishment from accessing this club. Reporting a Player When reporting a user that is breaking the rules of Atrosity, please consider the use of uncropped/unedited screenshots and make sure your report is done by taking a screenshot directly from Minecraft than taking a picture from another device such as your phone. We want to make sure our evidence in our reports are as clear as can be. If you are reporting someone for an offense such as using a hacked client, then please make sure you record the incident with a screen recorder as screenshots will be marked as invalid and will not be accepted. Player's Name: Offense: Evidence: Additional Information: Click here to report a player!
  11. I'm dressed up as Minehut Senior Moderator Kailum
  12. Congrats and welcome to the Minehut staff team!
  13. Only reason it isn’t anymore is cause it was on the forumsgg forums.
  14. And the answer is... Kailum (Father of 'Lock this post')
  15. Don't misuse categories. Locked and Moved to Community Support
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