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  1. @Notseraph @CasualFry @MWQ101 @SAD-ist please dont reply on reports or appeals anymore tyvm. Sorry, but I do not believe that those screenshots provide enough information to get them muted. have a nice day
  2. Appeal Denied. You were told to appeal in 2-3 months yet you appealed 2 days later..? I seem confused about that..
  3. Thank you for your report, the user has been dealt with.
  4. Thank you for your report, the user has been dealt with.
  5. Thank you for the report, the player has been dealt with.
  6. The player has been dealt with, thank you for your report!
  7. Just here to mention that your videos are on private so we cannot see them.
  8. Thank you for your report, the player has been dealt with.
  9. I don't think you understand. I had evidence of residents warning you when you first evaded via discord server chat. So you shouldve had an idea of what mute evasion was, and then on top of that Diammond had warned you afterwards when you mute evaded the 2nd time. I had already explained this earlier. I really dont think you are reading this through, and I cannot just keep on saying the same thing over and over again, which is why I am locking and denying this appeal.
  10. I gave you the evidence you asked for, and the problem was that you mute evaded after several warnings from two people, and it took you 3 people to stop. You mute evaded with knowing that you were mute evading. If you didnt know, thats kind of bad because of the several warnings people had given you.
  11. I gave you the evidence here. Server-chat (which was where I pulled the evidence from) is the ingame chat shown on discord. Although, I did not mention this evidence which is proof that DiamondIsRabbid is your alt.
  12. No, I am punishing you for mute evasion on discord and ingame. I was just explaining how you being warned by people for evading via discord should have let you know what mute evasion was. I took the discord mute evasion as a warning for you, and am punishing you mainly for ingame.
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