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  1. the math adds up, can't deny this
  2. Ashley


    it's good, we'll keep it
  3. Ashley


    i exist to eat snacks, idk about anyone else
  4. Ashley

    The Nerd Test

    Look i'm 100% nerd, I don't need a test to prove it
  5. you guys look like best friends
  6. I only like two youtubers/channels really and it's The Try Guys and a chinese girl named Liziqi. I don't watch a lot of youtube
  7. Pay off my small bit of debt, put aside money for school, buy every One Piece and FFXIV figurine in existence, buy all the FFXIV expansions and like 2 years of game time, probably buy myself the car I want, new computers, and then maybe invest the rest. Or just keep buying... anime and game stuff....................................
  8. Ashley

    Brag about it!

    I passed my driving test this week!!!! I can drive by myself wherever I want now! Who wants Mcdonalds!!
  9. Ashley is the coolest person on the forums besides Molly. Change my mind.

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    2. Jackson85


      We need to start a fundraiser to buy you a cat. 

    3. Ashley




      This is one of my pets 🤩

    4. Jackson85


      Cuteness overload.

  10. Thanks everyone!! I'm excited to get to know all of you and have some fun!
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