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  1. This belongs in the suggestions tab...
  2. UhhNoThanks

    Text format

    This is from multiverse. To remove this type: /mv config prefixchat false
  3. Isn't it weird how every single Minehut Staff member and all the SLG Team have commented on this post?
  4. If you were granted the wish to change one of the minehut player's skin permanently at choice, who would you pick and what would be the skin you would choose for that player? Probably xmuel's. I'd change it to a steve skin lmao Have you ever made a popular server? (30+ players)
  5. UhhNoThanks


    tough scenes
  6. firstly, this belongs in skript, not off topic. Secondly how much are you paying for it?
  7. No, mods do not work on minehut.
  8. happy birthday to us then lol
  9. Fraps is good, it has a watermark (premium doesnt) but that wouldnt matter for this
  10. decent-ish i guess, its my birthday today
  11. cya around ashley

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    2. UhhNoThanks


      wait really? What was it?

    3. farwl


      They tend to censor everything on Minehut these days. No transparency whatsoever. 

    4. Rufen


      I wont say why

  12. You can't, Minehut has not updated yet.
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