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  1. Hello Gamers! I am here because I would like to announce that Spiderlogical is 100% no joke, and I'm not lying or being sarcastic, just doing my job and simping for Spiderlogical. Spider please let your ego just boost. love u... wait what?
  2. Hey, Minehut doesn't "suck". It is amazing for starting a community around your server, and if you vote daily you don't need to pay anything AND it isn't that expensive, it is way cheaper than other hostings WITH the easy access to a thriving community. The plugin limit was put in place because Minehut spends so much money on the hardware that they use to keep everyone's servers up, if you are just going to diss Minehut, find a new hosting. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.
  3. Erm, unless you are talking about spending A WEEK on a world, then I don't know, because this Skript could be made in about 5 minutes.
  4. This Skript is very VERY not that good. Your server storage will plummet, and this will cause a lot of server lag with so many worlds. A lot of people say "Well Hypixel uses worlds" no they don't, they use individual servers. In general this Skript is not very well made and relies on having plugins, and using the exact same works and stuff, It would be easier just to use Skript with Skematic, or just use bSkyblock ffs.
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