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  1. It's just a feature. If you want it to stay open 24/7 then you need to pay. It closes after 5 minutes of no one.
  2. How long does the lag last? I'm sure its just Minehut.
  3. kylesad

    Help me pls

    Minehut is being poopy at the moment.
  4. so it's nearly christmas & new years so merry christmas and happy new years to everyone. this year has been crazy aye. here's to a good 2021. i hope you guys get what you asked for, have a good one.
  5. few minutes xddddddddddddddddddddd
  6. My guess is that Minehut is having some issues so it's the fault of them. Can you join any other servers?
  7. Hey, have you followed this? And
  8. Join the Discord, you'll get notified when it's having troubles and when the troubles are delt with.
  9. You can always download one of the Skyblock plugins or download a world with just a floating island, which you'll be able to find by searching "Skyblock Island World" into google and then uploading the world.
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