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  1. Bumping this post as the issue still persists due to the plugin not being updated.
  2. Were you banned from the server StarUltra, or Minehut in general? If Minehut, please make an appeal over on their fourms, and not ours as we have no power over a ban such as that. If you are banned from our server, please follow the appeal format, and resubmit your ban appeal.
  3. So, I was just speaking to one of the developers of the craftbook plugin (an amazing plugin that has been in minecraft for many years and versions) and he mentioned that the version of the plugin that minehut was using was quite old, as well as being a snapshot. (I'd been having trouble farming netherwart, so I contacted him, and that was the answer he gave me.) Link to the plugin: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/craftbook.2083/ Link to the video of my problem, should you want to see it. (It will likely get taken down after a month to a few months)
  4. Dynmap would be an excellent plugin to add, but I believe it would cause a LOT of lag (because it has to pregen worlds) as well as use a ton of hard drive space. Also, if I remember correctly, because of the webpage I'm pretty sure it has some special requirements most plugins do not. I don't think this would work out for minehut, despite how good the plugin is.
  5. Oh yeah, I have him on hangouts. and discord His discord: RocketBeast#1234
  6. I'm sureee your team will win!
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